Fake Nude Katy Perry (Maybe) Speaks!

not katy perry despite what you might have heard

from “iamnotkatyperry,” who stopped by our comments section: “ahem… hi, this is a comment from the girl in the picture. no shit it isn’t katy perry. over a year and a half ago, i took a few pictures like this to send to my boyfriend at the time, who lived 400 miles away. i stupidly left them on my photobucket, which got hacked. this is an old, ollllld picture. and now it is haunting me. and about the ‘c-section scar’—hahahahaha. it’s an indentation from pants that were on too tight, doofus.” There’s also another dude in that comments section who knows, um, way too much about the source of the photo. Maybe he’s IANKP’s personal pal? OK, probably not. [Previously]