Joaquin Phoenix: Just Who Is The Joke On At This Point, Anyway?

When reading about Joaquin Phoenix’s defection from the acting world into the hip-hop realm, I often wonder to myself, “Is this all part of some elaborate joke, in which Mr. Phoenix decides to turn the tables on the press, the public, and the very notion of ‘celebrity’? And if so, is the Casey Affleck-directed documentary that’s apparently capturing all his performances for posterity going to be some sort of ‘fame and its ills’ companion piece to To Die For?” The above clip, of Phoenix falling off a teeny tiny stage while performing in Las Vegas over the weekend, may in fact be an attempt to make Affleck’s mockumentary go viral, or it just may be a PSA against the dangers of too-small stages at venues that seem like everything wrong with this decade. Whatever its intent, the viewing experience wouldn’t be complete without also getting a glimpse at Phoenix’s attempt at rapping, which I’ve placed after the cut.

All I’m saying is, Allison Folland better show up at one of these performances.

Joaquin Phoenix Rapping Like Lil Wayne…Not! [YouTube]
Joaquin Phoenix Falls Off Stage [YouTube via the listenerd]

  • Anonymous

    If Mickey Avalon can set the bar lowest for white-boy rap, someone might as well try and do worse, right?

  • Invisible Circus

    everybody in the house say oooo

    (ooo at his fall)

    perfect timing.

  • cassidy2099

    Either “Yeah” is an indelible track that will long outlive me, or the DJ is hella lazy.

  • Maura Johnston

    @cassidy2099: Or both?

  • T’Challa

    This is just so wrong. And is it me, or is that actually NYT writer Jon Caramanica up there? “rapping”?

  • thearcanemodel

    definitely praying for this to be some kind of kaufmanesque hoax. the hole-y stocking cap is almost too much to bear.

  • josehisfriendforv47years

    I have known Mr. Phoenix for 46 years, and I can tell you for sure he is not joking about his wrapping. He is white which are the best rap guy and he knows he's acting very bad. We are best friends and he's hurting from people. Are they not listen to him wrapping.I don't know? But it is it strong and has something to say to the world over. BESIDES, HIS BEATS ARE GOOD AND he sings and talks with them, not the audiences he plays at. His concerts am so good when he is by myself, that you should have a fly on his wall! THAT wouldn't fall off the cheap stages he is going through, I can tell you that for 100% SURE. JAUQUINNE PHEONICKS IS really serious about not joking the heclers. he is having some troubles but his is real and he's is not his best wrapper yet, but anyone can wrap if they think so. It's my opinion. Allthe stuff he's jokng about is serious and meant. try and listen and you'll see why he is wrap's music's biggest Dancer and famous if he's given no chance, and why! He is good, that's why you silly doubtless peeps. I am in his posse and we ride around driving by for shooting, but of curse no gun, it's illegal you see. NOW dou see this? He's not making no koking around. His is real deep “shrink” wrap, like a scikiatrist would be wrapping if only he is allowed some time to make his talent.More heard! HE'S a duder, a cool dope, yo. really be nice ask jennifer aniston who was his coastar in the car running over his kid. she is also my best friend and she says impossible to a hoax. she had a baby. ok. I said and ruled this out i'm am sure. david lettermen made paul shaffer make jalking phenis like a joke or some. or two! He was wrong. his big beard makes hime look more bad,man. oh I am so upset by the hoax idea…maybe didy is a hoax two?

  • joeee

    some speling mistakes is made here, so i am a sorry. but no hoax and i should know. he uses my words! not jennifur aniston but connery.

  • registrarr

    he is having some troubles but his is real and he’s is not his best rapper yet.