Donovan on the Internet

Jan 20th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Donovan: “I’m not afraid of the Internet because it’s the dream we had. The Internet is the new ’60s as far as I’m concerned.” Just in case you were wondering, as far as I can tell, this is not a less-pithy rewrite of something Bob Dylan once said. [Hypebot]


  1. cockfightbarmitzvah

    To be clear, though, in order to get on the internet of the 60′s you needed two bongo drums, a sitar and at least 4 hits of orange sunshine acid.

  2. Jack Fear

    Man, why you got to go hatin’ on Donovan? Donovan wouldn’t ever say anything hateful about you. He only wants you to be happy, man.

  3. cheesebubble

    The sunshine that came softly through Donovan’s window was, in fact, the glow from a computer monitor.

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