Beyoncé Is Going To Get A Lot Of Wedding Invitations After This

Jan 21st, 2009 // 11 Comments

When it was announced that Beyoncé would be singing the accompaniment to Barack and Michelle Obama’s first dance as President and First Lady at last night’s Neighborhood Ball, it was pretty obvious that she’d be performing “At Last”; not only is the track a first-dance staple for couples announcing their presence, her singing the song would serve as some great cross-promotion for Cadillac Records (still in select theaters now!). Her little run at the end was probably unneccessary, but whatever, I’m not going to say that I didn’t get at least a little misty-eyed during the whole thing. [via Jezebel]


  1. Al Shipley

    As long as Etta James is alive, there is no good reason that Beyonce should get to sing “At Last” at big events like this. I guess it’d be hard for Beyonce to pick a song from her own catalog that’d be right for this occasion, though. “Survivor”? “Upgrade U”? “Diva”?

  2. Anonymous

    Should’ve been Kanye through Auto-tune.

  3. NeverEnough

    Damn you, Johnston! I’m now sitting at work crying like an idiot after seeing that (this, after a day spent watching the election and boo-hooing for several hours). Jesus Christ, I am indescribably happy to have the Obamas in office.

  4. Anonymous

    @goldsounds: Speaking of, did you SEE that ridiculous new hairdo??

  5. moomintroll

    @NeverEnough: Me too. I’m not even American and I spent the entire day watching the inauguration, then the balls, then Charlie Rose…I couldn’t get enough of it!
    I thought Beyonce did a great job, I’m glad that she was chosen (especially if the other choices were the other performers at the Neighborhood Ball). I had to cringe a little during the singalong with Stevie Wonder. Shakira + Mariah + Faith + Alicia does not make a good combination. They should have let Stevie go solo on that one. Also, what’s up with Sting? How come he’s all of a sudden a brunette?
    @goldsounds: I caught a tiny clip as ABC was reporting from the MTV youth ball, Kanye was singing “Heartless”. What? Couldn’t he have gone with something a little less somber? Not exactly fitting for the occasion.

  6. Anonymous

    @moomintroll: for reals?! I didn’t know that was actually happening. I mean “Good Life”, “Homecoming” maybe even “Jesus Walks” (JK!).

  7. nicopop

    Kanye did a medley of American Boy, Stronger and Good Life, which was fine and fairly appropriate. Then he did Heartless and Love Lockdown, which totally did not work at all. Even if he did try to change the last few lines of Heartless for Obama.

  8. moomintroll

    @nicopop: What did he change? Did he say “How could you be so Dr. Evil…Cheney?”

  9. Mike Barthel

    @nicopop: we’re getting to it!

  10. Anonymous

    This performance was the first time I think I’ve seen Beyonce expressing genuine emotion. She looked so joyful, and while at first I was grumbling about why she should be there singing it, all my hate just melted away during this performance.

    Of course, it probably helped that I was sobbing like a baby yesterday. SO HAPPY about the Obamas!!

  11. Anonymous

    Maybe Beyoncé felt she had to attone for performing (with Destiny’s Child) at W.’s inauguration, eight years ago.

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