Paramore to Open for No Doubt Summer Tour

Jan 21st, 2009 // 7 Comments

Paramore will be the opening act on No Doubt’s reunion tour this summer. The pairing will not only give Gwen’s babysitters someone age-appropriate to hang out with, it’ll allow Hayley Williams to get advice on breaking free from the dudes backing her up and going solo—uh, developing her own clothing line! Right, yeah, her own clothing line. (Whew.) [Paramore]


  1. Arthur2sheds

    Is this a band or the cast of Leprauchan 4?

  2. T'Challa

    OK, as someone that secretly blasted “Riot!” waaay more than I should have and still have love for ND, I am SO excited for this tour!

    I totally said that out loud. My therapist would be so proud.

  3. Anonymous

    Let’s just hope that the tutelage starts with how to look and dress better on red carpets. Gwen seems to have enough fashion sense that she can spare some for Ms. Williams.

  4. revmatty

    damn, how tall isn’t she?

  5. T'Challa

    From MTV:

    No Doubt also confirmed that a second opening-act slot will be shared by the Sounds, Janelle Monae and Bedouin Soundclash.

  6. Anonymous


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