Justus Does 808s

electronic artist Max Justus just posted eight remixes of songs from Kanye West’s controversial 808s & Heartbreak (Maura and I like it!). Justus adds beats and synths and ultimately turns it into the electronic record it may have always been, blowing out the vocals in either direction–-toward the literal or toward the figurative–-but never playing them very straight. [therecordmachine.net]

  • Guy_Whitey_Corngood

    These are pretty great, though my heart skipped a beat when I thought for a second it said JUSTICE does 808s. K.A.N.Y.E.D.A.N.C.E. Can you not see it?

  • Invisible Circus

    I thought the same thing@Guy_Whitey_Corngood:

    still. its an awesome dl.

    anyone check out jaydiohead.


    Max always has my approval here in KC! I’ve been jamming these for a month now and still love em!! Hot ish!

  • Captain Wrong

    Groovy. Will check this out.

    Incidentally, I’m not much on Kanye, but when 808s is good, it’s very good. (Of course, the opposite also holds true.)

  • Anonymous

    These are great – I’ve been playing them since right before he recorded them!