Robyn Will Be The Stripped-Down Apple Of Your Eye

Jan 23rd, 2009 // 5 Comments

What will it take to make people realize that the Swedish pop chameleon Robyn should be a star, and would probably give Katie Couric a much better pre-Grammy interview than the perpetual irritant Katy Perry? (Robyn’s self-titled full-length is, after all, nominated for Best Electronic/Dance Album against worthy foes like Kylie Minogue and Cyndi Lauper.) Well, we can all make our own efforts, but here’s hoping that The Cherrytree Sessions, a forthcoming EP with acoustic versions of some of her best tracks, will help this worthy cause. The version of her bad-boy ode “Bum Like You” from those sessions after the jump.

And just for purposes of comparison, here’s the original:

America! She understands you!

Bum Like You (Live from the Cherrytree House) – Robyn [imeem]
Robyn – Bum Like You [YouTube]
Robyn [Official site]


  1. Rob Murphy

    The iTunes version of Robyn includes a stripped-down, “Unplugged”-like version of “Bum Like You” in the same vein as the Cherrytree House version embedded here. It has a bit more instrumentation, but is otherwise basically the same.

  2. TheRunningboard7

    If Robyn and Darren Hayes would join PR forces!!!
    … dammit. My unintentional love for Darren Hayes makes me feel like the guy.

  3. Nunya B

    I do understand that Robyn is new to the two territories in which it’s been released in the last year, but goddamn I wish she would go back to the studio, take Kleerup and Klas with her, and knockout a follow-up that shits all over the previous album.

  4. Paul D

    I love Robyn, and I’m a metalhead.

  5. Silverfuture

    Unfortunately, this version cuts out the awesome Snoop Dogg part.

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