Still Flyin’ Will Plant A High Five On You

Jan 23rd, 2009 // 4 Comments

Sure, the video for Still Flyin’s “Good Thing Its A Ghost Town Around Here” would have been a much better fit if I had actually found it around Halloween, but the song is still a fun distraction for the weekend. The San Francisco “surf/surf/surf” outfit has an album coming out soon, and it might also have one of the most irritating aesthetics of any indie act in recent memory—their “Hang Loose” determination to rid the world of harsh buzzes is seemingly assembled from a collection of early-’80s Ocean Pacific t-shirts—but there are a few hooky tracks up its cotton sleeves. Below the cut, “Rope Burn,” which has a video directed by a member of Architecture in Helsinki.

The song itself has a line about “bicycle kickin’ my worries away,” so be forewarned.

Still Flyin’ [MySpace]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    So glad to see the Still Flyin’ is hammjammming it here on Idolator!

  2. MayhemintheHood

    These guys sound like a bunch of kooks.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s pretty good. Especially since I normally hate the genre of music we don’t play/music we don’t play/music we don’t play. I bet they’re all swingers with body builder body types!

  4. Anonymous

    Also, I want to be among the first to say that these guys are basically Oingo Boingo. Which I have no problem with. Just wanted to say.

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