Get Your Fill Of Campy Covers And Remixes With One Download

Jan 23rd, 2009 // Comment

The fun of remixes and covers has almost entirely faded for me in recent years, thanks to the Internet obliterating any sense of “rarity” around them. Still, it’s hard to see fault in Spanish DJ duo Buffet Libre collecting 89 tracks by newish artists who took on tracks from decades past and releasing that omnibus—for free—as Rewind II. (Warning: The site may send your browser into a series of seizures,) There are a number of stinkers in the collection, but the page is worth checking out for the Ruby Suns’ take on an Arthur Russell song, Division Day covering Japan, and my personal favorite, Headlights performing XTC’s “Making Plans For Nigel.” Plus, there’s a remix of a Dan Hartman song. You don’t hear one of those every day, although I wouldn’t mind if I did. [Buffet Libre]


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