OiNK Users Sentenced

Four former users of the BitTerrorist hub OiNK’s Pink Palace were sentenced as part of their plea agreements with a UK court on Friday. Steven Diprose, Michael Myers, Mark Tugwell, and James Garner will have to perform community service and pay back court costs after pleading guilty to copyright infringement. Apparently, they only got a slap on the wrist because they were such upstanding citizens otherwise: “We were further told that, if the defendants had not had such good references and strong legal representation, the Judge would have seriously considered a custodial sentence,” says TorrentFreak—who, it should be noted, is totally in the tank for that side of the courtroom. Meanwhile, another user of the site and its ex-admin, Allan Ellis, are still awaiting trial; their cases are expected to be heard in March. [TorrentFreak]