Dear Fall Out Boy: Will You Please Watch A Movie Made For Adults Sometime?

Jan 27th, 2009 // 13 Comments

Fall Out Boy bassist/heartthrob Pete Wentz told MTV that the video for “America’s Suitehearts” is inspired by the 1988 toonsploitation flick Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This is ultimately good news because, duh, Roger Rabbit is awesome. But… We know you have kids now, but boys, we ask you in a Roger Rabbit voice, p-p-p-p-p-p-lease watch something aimed for grownups. Here’s a quick career retrospective that might provide some insight into their DVD collection:

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Not only does Pete Wentz have an (admittedly sweet) Jack Skellington tattoo, but they covered “What’s This?”

Sixteen Candles: One of their mad long song titles is “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’” and the Hughes flick was a strong influence on the “Dance Dance” video. Well, sort of, anyway: “I would like to say that the ‘Dance, Dance’ video is now like that Usher video from a couple of years ago that was kind of like ‘Thriller’ ['Caught Up'] meets ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ meets Sixteen Candles, ” Wentz once told MTV.

At least Anthony Michael Hall has a way to connect with his kids.

The Lost Boys: The video for “Sixteen Candles” borrows from this Cory-saturated vampire classic. And also Blade, which is rated R but we can’t imagine anyone over 15 watching it.

Dirty Dancing: Oh yeah, there’s a song on Cork Tree called “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner.”

And there’s probably more, which folks can hip us to in the comments section. I’m not saying FOB should be writing songs about Syriana and shit, but between this and the Animal Collective, I’m starting to wonder if there are going to be any grown-up rock stars to help usher us all sadly into middle age.

Ah, who am I kidding. I’m just trying to trick you guys into seeing Frost/Nixon with us.

Fall Out Boy Say New Video Is Inspired By ‘Roger Rabbit’ [MTV]

  1. KurticusMaximus

    Well, their first album has a song called “Pretty in Punk,” and their fourth album has a song called “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?,” both of which reference John Hughes movies. So that seems to be a mark against them.

    However, their third album has a song called “Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends,” which is from Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour- not a kids movie. And “The Music Or The Misery,” a bonus track on that album, was taken from High Fidelity. I guess that one could go either way. But two songs on their fourth album reference the play and movie Closer, which isn’t very kid-like. So, at least they have those going for them.

  2. KurticusMaximus

    @KurticusMaximus: Oops. And here I thought I closed all my tags.

  3. Maura Johnston


    “I don’t like a lot of vampire movies. One amazing one is the F.W. Murnau’s classic silent film “Nosferatu, eine Symphonie Grauens” (more commonly just called “Nosfuratu,” cause I mean, come on) in which Max Shreck plays the horrifying “Count Orlock” (a legally plagiarized Count Dracula). The great dark comedy “Shadow of the Vampire,” was based on the Hollywood legend that Shreck not hadn’t made any other movies before, but his chilling performance was due to his actually being a real vampire. “Shadow of the Vampire,” featured John Malkovich as an overzealous film-maker and Willem Dafoe as Shreck, in this case a real vampire. This makes Dafoe one of the few actors to portray both Jesus Christ and some form of Count Dracula.”

    I’m just saying.

  4. Anonymous

    The thought of a Roger Rabbit influenced video scares me almost as much as the reality that is the across-the-board emo cred that is a Nightmare Before X-mas tattoo or themed wedding.

  5. Al Shipley

    “upcoming video”? didn’t i see this video already like 4 weeks ago? on this very site in fact?


  6. MayhemintheHood

    Well, they make music aimed at 12 year olds, so their movie taste isn’t surprising.

    I also am betting that someone in the band is watching a lot of Showtime, because in the past few months, Shadow of the Vampire AND Who Framed Roger Rabbit have been shown frequently.

  7. Christopher R. Weingarten

    Fuck, I really wanna watch Rager Rabbit right now.

  8. Christopher R. Weingarten

    lol @ typo

  9. beanmaru

    Yeah “Dirty Dancing” in a kids movie.

  10. Maura Johnston

    @beanmaru: you clearly did not visit mount tone with me in eighth grade.

  11. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    I would much rather see them use “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” as inspiration than something like “Werckmesiter Harmonies.”

  12. cassidy2099

    Fall Out Boy love Hughes and rappers love Scarface. Lose/lose for everyone in the references department.

  13. scarletvirtue

    @Maura Johnston: Well, at least Patrick is watching the “grown-up” movies!

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