What The Heck Is Going On With The Coachella Lineup Announcement?

Jan 27th, 2009 // 15 Comments

So after tons of speculation and blog posts and rending of whatever garments one wears on message boards, the Coachella lineup was supposed to be announced today—only the reveal, which was supposed to take place on the Los Angeles station KROQ at 7:20 a.m. local time, was delayed because the organizers are still trying to “nail down a few big acts” at this date. (Thanks to Dan Gibson for keeping his ears open.) As you might expect, this bit of news caused much displeasure for a lot of people who like to argue about these sorts of things, and one person actually took the time to e-mail one of the KROQ morning show‘s hosts demanding some sort of explanation. And that host for some reason actually responded to the e-mail (despite its subject line being “Screw You Fags!”), saying:

you know it has nothing – not one thing – to do with us. coachella
called us yesterday to say their announcement wasn’t going to be
ready for this morning. we wish it were. i promise we will announce
it as soon as we get it.


Last night there were a few confused Coachella-related Twitter messages emanating from KROQ’s account; one said that they’d heard the announcement was being pushed back, while another, since deleted (!!), stated that the announcement was going to happen at 7:20 PT today, come hell or high water. Which, obviously, didn’t happen. So what did, then? Your conspiracy theories are welcome. (The more outlandish the Morrissey/Marr reunion scenarios, the better—heck, someone might as well have fun with this.)

UPDATE: LAist, still suffering through the inane morning-show banter, just passed this along:

KROQ on air just said: “[Coachella hasn't] finalized the lineup to give it to us. It’s very likely to be today, it could be tomorrow.”

Or it could be… never! Mwah ha ha.

Useless Email From Bean [Coachella Forums]
KROQ [Twitter]

  1. Camp Tiger Claw

    Let no one ever say that Bean shies away from criticism.

    He’s one stand up legume.

  2. Anonymous

    Still can’t see why many people living around major markets get all excited about this festival. Sure, there’s your occasional one-off (or maybe I’m just jaded because I live in NYC) but it seems like every band that plays there I have an opportunity to see here, locally, in a smaller venue, doing a full set.

  3. Anonymous

    @2ironic4u: It’s usually a pretty good indicator of who’s going to do other festivals over the summer. Even though you and I may enjoy the whole “full set/small venue” thing, some people just like festivals and doing all this shit outside.

  4. moomintroll

    @2ironic4u: I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to go all the way to California, but sadly some acts just do one off shows there. At least they say they’re one offs, then proceed to actually tour around the country afterward (grr). I went in 2007 because The Good The Bad And the Queen didn’t play Chicago. I think they only did NY and New Orleans. I’m thinking about going this year for Blur, but if they keep up these lineup shenanigans I’m going to have to rethink. I’ve got a pretty sizable vacation to plan around this, so I’d like to know asap.

  5. propaganda-artist

    @2ironic4u: Though I generally agree, it also must be said that you can see A LOT of artists in a short amount of time for a relatively low price. Plus, there are always those surprises that feature a landmark performance that you can’t see anywhere else. I think some of us are just (naive) perpetual optimists.

  6. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @2ironic4u: I think there are plenty of people who like seeing a ton of bands all at once, who probably wouldn’t go to 20 (or even 10) individual club shows in a year. There’s also the chance to see bands you probably wouldn’t go out of your way to see if they were playing on their own.

    Also, you know, drugs and sex.

  7. LiquidHeaven

    and just feeling it man, getting in touch with themselves in a spiritual, outdoor setting.

  8. Maura Johnston

    @propaganda-artist: Plus, there are always those surprises that feature a landmark performance that you can’t see anywhere else.

    Like Prince!

  9. moomintroll

    @LiquidHeaven: I have to say, Coachella’s pretty light on the hippies. Which, in my book is a plus.

  10. T'Challa

    @Maura Johnston: Prince. Swoon. Best Coachella performance ever.

  11. T'Challa

    @Maura Johnston: Prince. Swoon. Best Coachella performance ever.

  12. T'Challa

    …And Coachella is just a nice weekend, you know? If you do it right, anyway…

  13. T'Challa

    …And Coachella is just a nice weekend, you know? If you do it right, anyway…

  14. mackro

    Stephen Stills
    Kings Of Leon
    Blake Lewis

  15. el smrtmnky

    @T’Challa: well said. i don’t know how many people i know get all up in arms about how it’s too hot, too many people, blah blah blah. well, you know what? you did it wrong. and you went with the wrong people. i’ve been to every one except last year and they’ve all been just great memories thanks to my friends and pacing yourself.

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