A Glimpse At Lil Wayne’s “Rock” Aesthetic

Jan 27th, 2009 // 3 Comments

“Drew started to add organs, and [Wayne] said no. That’s when I realized it was actually going to be a real rock album.” ? and the Mysterians, presumably, were unavailable for comment. [Billboard]

  1. Anonymous

    what i wanna know is if any of y’all have heard “Hot Revolver” yet, which is actually MORE wtf than “Prom Queen” was to these ears.

  2. sicksteanein

    So just clarify some logic here:

    Hip Hop AND (NOT Organ) => Rock

    But does the following hold?

    Rock AND Organ => Hip Hop

  3. el smrtmnky

    @sicksteanein: depends on which tool in the pic you’re referring to

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