Free MP3 from Steve Martin’s Bluegrass Album

Jan 27th, 2009 // 2 Comments

There’s a free MP3 from Steve Martin’s bluegrass album over at Amazon, and it sounds pretty good! Not only is his playing pretty on point, his voice has a really soothing quality to it. Martin is hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live, although whether or not he’ll get any pickin’ time in is unclear, as Jason “Mr. A-Z” Mraz has been announced as the musical guest. [Amazon via AP / NBC]


  1. Anonymous

    SNL Fans – for once, we know that the worst part of the show won’t be a skit! Oooo, Scooch on over closer dear
    And i will nibble your ear, i’m yours, bebobobbbeeple-bee!

  2. Chris N.

    Could be wrong, but I think that’s actually Tim O’Brien singing.

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