Today’s Reason Why The Internet Is Pretty Awesome

The Diamond Dave Edition of Assteroidz, in which you, as a mid-split David Lee Roth, try to kill giant happy hamburgers, floating Eddie Van Halen heads, and VH logos. It’s a little hard to play, mainly because each move is matched to a selection from DLR’s Runnin’ With The Devil Soundboard and the laughing gets a bit distracting. [ via barthel]

  • Whigged

    What about the the flying Sammy Hagar heads though that alternately sing “I Can’t Drive 55″ and “Dreams?” That’s the best part!

    It gets much easier to play after the first hundred times – trust me. You just have to pretend you’re back on an old RadioShack Tandy computer using the arrow and shift keys.

    And FYI, those are the dancing hamburgers from the film ‘Better off Dead’:

  • Maura Johnston

    @Whigged: I knew they looked familiar!

    Man do I miss Savage Steve Holland.

  • Christopher R. Weingarten

  • Ned Raggett

    @Maura Johnston: I think my sis is leading an unofficial campaign to give Savage Steve an honorary Oscar. About the only other film she loves more from the eighties is Vision Quest.

  • tigerpop

    Damn that scattin’ Sammy–he gets me every time.

  • agolden

    @ Maura and Ned: I think Savage Steve does stuff for Nickelodeon now and was doing children’s pics for Disney for awhile

  • How do I say this … THROWDINI!

    With the “Diamond Dave” song on the new The Bird & The Bee cd, he’s Mr. Roth (or should that be Mr. Lee Roth?) is having himself quite a little week.

  • cheesebubble

    @Whigged: Good call on the dancing burgers…

    Everybody wants some!
    I want some too.
    Everybody wants some!
    Baby, how ’bout you?