Bob Dylan Gives A Carbonated Blessing To Will.I.Am

Jan 28th, 2009 // 10 Comments

A few people are up in arms about Bob Dylan licensing “Blowin’ In The Wind” for an ad in the UK, what with the song being all iconic and such. But really, this shouldn’t ruffle as many feathers as it has; Dylan, after all, licensed “The Times They Are A-Changin’” to a Canadian bank over a decade ago, and he’s lent other songs to Cadillac, Victoria’s Secret, and Apple. If anything, the piece of Dylan licensing that may debut during the Super Bowl this Sunday is way more offensive to these non-Boomer ears, thanks to it bringing one of the greatest, yet still most annoying, beneficiaries of the Barack Obama Presidential campaign into the mix:

Other commercials under consideration include comedy spots for Pepsi Max with the catchphrase “I’m Good” and a spot for Pepsi set to Bob Dylan‘s “Forever Young” and featuring classic clips of the singer-songwriter and new shots of hip hop musician

New shots “of,” not “at,” alas. (I read it wrong too.) So when is the Obamariffic deluxe version of Songs About Girls coming out, anyway? I mean, it’s not like it could be any more of a bomb than it was last time around.

Bob Dylan Allows British Ad To Use “Blowin’ In The Wind” [EarthTimes via Fark]


  1. Marth

    I dare anyone to look Bob Dylan in the eye and tell him he shouldn’t do whatever he damn well pleases with his music. He would laugh you out of the room and then turn around and license his entire catalog to General Motors just to prove you wrong. See that look on his face in that photo? You want to mess with that? I didn’t think so.

  2. dsven

    What is the upside for him to doing this? The only thing that comes to mind is $$$, but would think the guy already has more money than he could possibly ever spend.

    Please, tell me, what is the method to Dylan’s madness?

  3. sicksteanein

    As long as he doesn't start using an electric guitar, it's all cool by me.

  4. Anonymous

    Getting paid never gets old, even if you do.

  5. Oldboy

    @clarknhilldale: Good reference to Love.

  6. Oldboy

    He does have all those kids….

  7. Anonymous

    I think he does it to let more people hear his music, even selling something brings in
    new ears to hears
    the words Bob Dylan
    for the answer is blowing in the wind
    And the wind picks up and the heart picks up
    And when the wind really picks up
    The heart really picks up and
    And then you start singing those songs and remember
    The Answer is really blowing in the wind
    The answer is blowing in the wind

  8. pescatello

    I read about this on Bob Dylan’s page on Buzznet. They actually have a lot of news there

  9. Thanks for that. I love pepsi.

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