Jazmine Sullivan Is Clicking Her Heels

Jan 29th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Philly R & B singer Jazmine Sullivan is something of a bad-ass, and her new single, “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” is a string-laden belter about being afraid of love that also happens to be Ne-Yo’s favorite jam of right now. The video (after the jump) kinda-predictably takes the “follow the CGI’d yellow brick road” tack, but the song is definitely worth your time. If only there was some Good Witch Of The Radio Programming North who could get this track on the airwaves instead of that putrid Pussycat Dolls ballad…

Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers, & Bears [MySpace via Rap-Up]


  1. Al Shipley

    Radio is going nuts for this song, at least in Baltimore/D.C.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    I thought I heard it here, too, but it might have been on a syndicated show.

  3. Dan Gibson

    For some reason, the track is huge in Washington D.C., North Carolina and Montgomery, Alabama. But that being said, it’s moving upward, up 400 some spins this week at urban radio.

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