The Clique Girlz’ Sugary Sisterhood Might Be Turning A Bit Sour

It seems that the understandably pallid career trajectory of nobody’s favorite tweensploitation group, the Clique Girlz, is maybe, finally going to pick up with a promotion deal for Baby Bottle Pop, aka “nipple-shaped candy.” But one fan site is disseminating the rumor that Ariel Moore (the blonde one (haha!)) plans on leaving the group before she can shill Michael Eisner’s sugary anatomically correct wares. At this point it’s just a rumor, but were it to come true (heaven forbid!), what would this mean for the Girlz? A giant purple nurple on their promotion deal? Resetting the Autotune to “two-part harmony” and forging ahead? Crassly casting a replacement? The Internet has a few ideas.

First we go to the original source of the rumor,

T2 Exclusive: We’ve learned that after a four year run with the Clique Girlz, Ariel Moore has decided to leave the group and their management. Over the next few weeks more details are bound to come out, although initially it looks as if she’s looking to do something new. So what does the future hold? From what we’ve heard, Ariel will be pursuing a solo career, writing and recording with some of the best in the business as well as experimenting with her sound. As for the Clique Girlz debut release Incredible, we’ll just have to wait and see?

Right, so, Ariel is definitely leaving and she’s contracting the oldest, whitest, most desperate producer she can find in L.A. to write a crappy dance track for her (at least that’s how I decode that paragraph). But the Clique Girlz Media comments section offers other opinions:

lol doubt it. I was just with my singing teacher on Sunday who taught them for years….things are going great.

Last sunday they started to film a pilot staring all three of them.

So she’s not leaving, and there’s a specific individual in New Jersey who taught these girls to sing like boozed-up cruise ship cabaret performers.

Personally I think Ariel sings an equal amount.

The problem is really with our own ears. Ariel sings more of the richer, deeper harmonies while Paris takes the melody or the top harmony. Paris has a very distinctive voice so you tend to hear/listen to her above the other voices blending more


We’re the problem.

I’ve been following the girls for a long time now and let’s be real. Things were not great. Anyone with half a brain could see she wasn’t being given the same opportunities as the other two girls, who happen to be the daughters of the groups manager and the groups sound person. Why is it that every time I went to a show Ariel’s microphone was turned way down, much lower than Destinee’s or Paris’s? Why is it that Ariel rarely got a chance to speak in the videos and when she did, they cut her off typically? Why is it that she got very little parts in most of the songs? Take a look at the music video for their song incredible. In at least two places in the video you can see Ariel just NOT happy. I have a friend who is close to the situation and she’s told me that there have been big issues for many months. That she hasn’t been happy for a long time and that there has been a lot of hatred, dishonesty, pain, suffering and emotional and physical and mental abuse from the manager of the group Lenore. Everyone I know knows its true cuz we keep hearing the same things from all sorts of kids that know the situation from closer up. what a shame that it had to come to this. i really hope ariel does decide to go solo because she deserves the chance to be successful in music. im not saying i dont wish the best for paris and destinee cuz they are really talented too but i think they have lost track of who they really are and their parents have let them down in a way no parent should ever let their kids down. what a shame its come to this

The most absurd thing about this paragraph is that she can only pinpoint two instances of unhappiness in that video.

Meanwhile, Daniel Radosh sheepishly asserts that this is perhaps a strategic move on the group’s part to “shed their, um, least conventionally attractive member… at the precise moment when their career most needs a jump start.” Considering the kind of people we’re dealing with here, this theory is not so far-fetched; however, I see it mainly as an insult to the group’s homogeneity. Perhaps Ariel is slightly goofier-looking than the other two (though I even fail to make that distinction, really), but in general terms they’re fairly indistinct.

But let’s dispense with the rumormongering and theorizing. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and in this case the pudding, as it were, is on Craigslist:

CASTING 13 to 15 year old GIRLS for the hit Teen Pop/Rock Group

Up and coming Interscope Records Pop/Rock Recording Group Clique Girlz have several upcoming live performances, tours and a pilot in the works. We are seeking one more girl to complete the group.

MUST be strong POP/ROCK VOCALISTS, who can HARMONIZE & MOVE WELL No taller than 5’3” please

AUDITIONS Saturday, 1/31/09 2:00pm (Open Call)

LOCATION: Center Staging – Studio 3 3407 Winona Ave. Burbank, CA 91504

Please bring head shot and resume. Be prepared to sing the National Anthem (acapella), 1 pop song and 1 ballad to track. Please bring a CD with BOTH music tracks only. One parent per child at the audition please. *MUST BE AVAILABLE TO TRAVEL*

Visit our website: //

For further inquiries, please contact Susan Salgado at

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the Talent is from out of town, please make sure they make arrangements to be available for callbacks in the event they make it to the next level.

Most importantly, they must be willing to relocate to Los Angeles, CA at their own expense. This group is going to blow up and just came back from a successful tour with CHEETAH GIRLS.

Please visit their website (// and get familiar with their music and submit accordingly. The vocals must fit a Pop/Rock vibe; NOT Pop/R&B. We don’t want to waste the Talent’s time.

Thanks for understanding!

“Pop/Rock vibe; NOT Pop/R&B! We want white girls? You hear?! White!” But really my favorite part of the ad is the breezy “Thanks for understanding!” at the end there, as if to say, “We want to take your short, blond tween daughter, interrupt her education, dress her in hyper-sexualized clothes, tour her around mall parking lots, use her image to sell nipple-shaped candy, then dump her back on you in a couple of years with low self-esteem and a penchant for party drugs. Thanks for understanding!”

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