Would You Pay <s>$600</s> $1200 To See Kelly Clarkson (And Swim With Some Dolphins)?

Jan 29th, 2009 // 4 Comments

In Kelly Clarkson‘s recent blog about the successes of “My Life Would Suck Without You,” she mentions that her first live performance of the song is going to take place in the Bahamas. At the Atlantis Resort, in fact! Where you can swim (or at least have a “shallow water interaction”) with some dolphins while biding your time until Kelly’s Feb. 14 comeback concert.

The big letters on the concert’s come-on page say that packages are available for “as low as $599,” but once you get to the booking page, that option would seem to be missing. Is what you get worth a 100% price jump?

• Accomodations
• Round-trip ground transfers around the island
• Two “free dolphin experiences” (the aforementioned “shallow water interactions”)
• Some sort of archeological tour
Water slides!!!

… but not tickets to the concert, which are sold separately for $150 a pop. (And, it should be noted, still available. Because who has the money?) Sure, the show is on Valentine’s Day, so maybe you’ll get one of those sparkly lollipops Kelly’s wielding for your troubles. But why should Jonas Brothers fans get the better deal, huh?

Kelly Clarkson [Atlantis]


  1. King of Pants

    Two “free dolphin experiences”

    Old-school web knowledge of extreme wrong…TWITCHING!!!!!

  2. LeBron

    I’ll be totally straight-up here. Swimming with dolphins, waterslides and a Kelly Clarkson concert — in the Bahamas? This pretty much sounds like my perfect day. Sign me up!

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Man, this Atlantis resort — Z100 NY won’t shut up about it; they’re promoting a party-plane trip there and yammering about it between songs every morning while I’m shaving.

  4. music666

    This is primarily a nationwide radio promotion for Kelly + RCA, Z100 + Elvis Duran, and Kidd Kraddick. It just happens to be held at Atlantis.

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