Corey Smith Making $4.2 Million a Year

Jan 30th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Let’s just see if I’m understanding Hypebot guest poster and “Floor 64 CEO” Mike Mesniak correctly: Corey Smith, thanks to a total of 95 recorded radio spins this year, giving away much of his music for free, and touring venues like the Cat’s Crade in North Carolina while selling most of the tickets for $5 is making $4.2 million a year from the music biz, and not, say, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia? I understand that blogs don’t generally have fact-checking departments, but something seems a little fishy in the math there. [Hypebot]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Oh no. Let me tell you about Corey Smith. He regularly sells out venues here in the South that big indie bands can’t sell out…and his music is the absolute pits. It’s the musical equivalent of an Ovation guitar. It’s just the worst. And people LOVE him. He wrote a song called “Every Dog Has Its Day”, which was about UGA losing to Florida (which we do a lot), that has these amazing lyrics:

    A long ride back from Jacksonville
    500 miles from a game we should’ve won
    Man we ought a burn down that stadium
    Thought this year was gonna be ours
    Talking too much junk in those Florida bars
    Now I’m stunned
    man I wish it was 1981,

    now I know why they say
    every dog has his days
    can’t win every game we play
    but every dog has his days

    Longing for those glory days
    like the one he cried run Lindsay Run
    I was too young to be there but I’m sure it was fun
    I bet that crowd was flyin high
    And I bet Glory to ol’ Georgia was cried as the band played
    Man I wish I could feel that way today

    now I know why they say
    every dog has his days
    can’t win every game we play
    but every dog has his days

    and I played back my favorite victories
    like that last minute win up in Tennessee
    I bet them hob nails hurt like hell
    And I got sweet memories of 2002 won the SEC
    And the sugar bowl too
    Man we had a ball down on Bourbon Street
    Ooh, those were the days

    Just got my tickets in the mail
    Septembers coming fast and I can hardly wait
    They say these guys they might take us all the way
    And if they do I’ll be flying high
    and there’ll probably be a happy tear in my eye but rain or shine
    I’ll be yellin’ go Dawgs from the 20 yard line, and

    I know why they say
    every dog has his days
    can’t win every game we play
    but every dog has his days

    and we’ll be singing
    Glory, Glory to ol’ Georgia
    Glory, Glory to ol’ Georgia
    Glory, Glory to ol’ Georgia
    I thought about editing it, but no. Now this is basically pornography for University of Georgia football fans, and I understand all of the lyrics, God help me. But this song sucks so bad my dick hurts.

    And people LOVE this guy.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Oh, and on the Cat’s Cradle thing, Corey Smith played two sold out nights at our Georgia Theatre recently at $10 a ticket or something. It’s a 1k person venue. And almost all of his shows pre-sell out. Now, you do a hundred of those a year, drawing, say, 20k guarantees (and that’s worth it for the clubs, given the returns), and POW, two million bucks. Not a stretch to get to 4 is it?

  3. Ned Raggett

    And who says regional music scenes are dead.

    Admittedly this Corey Smith scene is dead to me, which is all that matters.

  4. Lucas Jensen

    @Ned Raggett: I think, in the Southeast in particular, that regional music is alive and well. I’ve seen bands like Sister Hazel sell out shows?!

  5. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @Lucas Jensen: Heh, yeah, I was just about to comment that this guy sounds like Georgia’s version of Sister Hazel, who established themselves as UF’s house band and have stuck to that for the better part of 15 years.

  6. Anonymous

    I can’t stand bands/musicians that exist because they provide a way for the music-impaired to waste money on a ticket and tons of brews. O.A.R.’s got a good swath of midwestern (and beyond, I’m sure) colleges cornered. But hey, budget-bin DMB hacks are alright by the ramen crowd.

  7. John P Strohm

    I’ve never heard a note of this guy’s music, but I’m inclined to believe the numbers. His marketing strategy included following the SEC football schedule, hitting towns on big game days. To build the touring base, he gave away his CD to everyone who came to the early shows. And with lyrics like those quoted above, how could he lose? Do I hear “new Dylan”?

  8. Anonymous

    Hey good for him. God bless.

  9. musicquizking

    Good Lord, I thought that was Angie Aparo when I looked quickly at the photo!

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