U2 Move The PopMart To Space?

Feb 6th, 2009 // 10 Comments

The concept behind the video for “Get On Your Boots” could just be that. Or maybe the band got together and told the director, “So yeah, we want it to be like Michael Jackson’s ‘Leave Me Alone’ video, but replace the bits about Liz Taylor with Catholic iconography! And add a broken-glass effect, if you could. We just want to confuse people enough to think that 120 Minutes is still existing in some dimension out there, right?” [MySpace]


  1. Moff

    It’s neither weird enough to be awesome nor dumb enough to be embarrassing. It’s just, kinda…

  2. Anonymous

    The Fall “Passable”:

    And if I ever end up like U2
    Cut my throat with a kitchen tool

  3. Halfwit

    @MhS: Not much chance of that… U2 can at least keep their lineup consistent from album to album.

  4. Anonymous

    @Halfwit: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    (not directed at you Halfwit)

  5. Austinist Tom

    This video takes every bad idea U2 have ever had and combines them into one epic catastrophe. Every time I hear this song, I can’t believe that Bono, Edge, Eno, and Lanois sat around a studio going: “Yeah! What a great track.” It’s awful point awful.

  6. tigerpop

    @JohnOO: “Punch the clock. Collect residuals. Hell, they should only need one good take of me anyway.”

  7. JohnOO

    Larry Mullins Jr’s face in this video is priceless!

  8. Anonymous

    reminds me MUCH more of a monster magnet video than Leave me alone truthfully. Maybe its the space theme.

  9. Bjork Rhymes With Pork

    Wow, that’s a hell of a pull. And you’re totally right.

  10. moomintroll

    God, I feel like bands are just making videos to become pre-made iTunes commercials (that Animal Collective one too).

    Also, this reminds me of those stupid messy Oasis album covers where they try to cram in as many dumb Beatles references into a 70′s style drawn “trying to be arty but we can’t ‘cos we’re Oasis” design. Well, you get my point…maybe.

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