Dillinger Escape Plan Know Your Anger, Know Your Dreams

One of the best metal bands going, Dillinger Escape Plan, tried their hands at one of the best metal songs in history, Living Colour‘s “Cult Of Personality,” last Saturday show in New York. And the results were, shall we say, less than power in your God’s name. But, if you click in to watch it, I promise at least one kinda-related video that’s worth your time.

So yeah, Ben Weinman is playing with two hands instead of Vernon Reid’s ability to pretty much play anything with just one. And lead singer Greg Puciato can’t really hit all the notes, and is sadly not wearing a neon Body Glove. But, you know what, if I was there I would have freaked the fuck out anyway, so kudos.

And this gives us the most tenuous of connections to post this clip of Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman on the similarly named TV show In Living Color!

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