Help Someone Ruin Their Life, P-Funk Style!

Feb 11th, 2009 // 2 Comments

It’s difficult not to love Parliament, Funkadelic and the various combinations of the two names, even after watching George Clinton dodder around on Gone Country 3. After all, they recorded Maggot Brain. But there is a point when devotion goes, paradoxically, both too far and not far enough, and Edinburgh resident Wallace Sulley has reached that point.

Sometime last year Sulley started one of those funny Facebook groups you see nearly every day. The premise: If 10,000 people joined the group, he would legally change his name to Parliament Funkadelic.

If 10,000 people join this group I (Wallace James Sulley) will change my name to Parliament Funkadelic, In honour of the fantastic bands set up by George Clinton in the 70′s.

This is not a joke….i am totally serious, and WILL change my name via deed poll if 10,000 people join the group, and i will provide photographic evidence in that event.

Unfortunately, there are only 337 members (when I last checked) and Sulley set a deadline of May 7. Now, why would we want to disappoint Sulley and the global fanbase of P-Funk by coming up far, far short of the goal? Doesn’t the band deserve better? Don’t we, the people, deserve better? Join—cajole your friends into joining, because somewhere there’s an idiot sitting there with a name change form and a dream.

To help Sulley turn this mutha of a dream out, here is some inspiration from P-Funk:

“Standing On The Verge Of Gettin’ It On (live)”:

“Mothership Connection/Swing Down (live)”:

“I Got A Thing”:

If 10,000 people join, I will change his name to Parliment Funkadelic [Facebook]

  1. Christopher R. Weingarten

    Edinburgh eats its young

  2. natepatrin

    Soul is a hamhock in your haggis.

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