Finally, An “American Idol” Episode With (Just A Little) More Singing Than Drama

Feb 11th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Last night’s American Idol was the third in the suite of Hollywood Week episodes, and it was filled with rapidfire montages of the remaining contestants singing new standards like “Bubbly,” “Since I Ain’t Got You,” and, “Tattoo.” (Really? “Tattoo”?) At the end of the episode there were 54 contestants left, and that pool will apparently be winnowed down to 36 on tomorrow night’s show. People who made it through: the oil rigger, the major-label refugee, the guy with a split personality, and the guy with the really big mouth. More music, less chatter, after the jump!

BEST SONG CHOICE: Jorge Nuñez sang Ne-Yo’s “Closer” and got like five seconds of screen time.

SECOND-BEST SONG CHOICE: We got to see Anoop Desai, who seems to be getting minimal screen time, sing about half the chorus from “My Prerogative.” I suspect there will be a lot more opportunities to hear his muscular voice over the coming weeks, but these pre-competition episodes tend to make me impatient with their endless dragging on and spotlighting of people who are annoying and not really all that great as far as their voices go (cough cough, Tatiana).

BALLSIEST SONG CHOICE: Adam Lambert led off the show with Cher’s “Believe,” and maybe Simon calling it “cabaret” got cut out of the episode’s final edit, because as much as I love the guy, it seriously was veering over into piano-bar-land a bit.

WORST SONG CHOICE: “Hey There Delilah.” Seriously? Jamar Rogers tried to turn it into some sort of rollicking romp, while Ju’Not Joyner went the painstaking-ballad route. Both made it through to the round of 54, perhaps out of pity for being saddled with such crappy material.

MOST MONTAGE-READY: Nate Marshall, the drama-soaked 18-year-old from upstate New York, grabbed his guitar and laid down an unplugged version of Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” which the producers licked up; they matched his freak-outs and crying with his repeating “disturbia” over… and over… and over… again. Sometimes, you just think that the kids in the next generation are a little too media-savvy, you know?

MOST PEAKY: It seemed like Danny Gokey got a ton of screen time for his very overwrought version of Lee Ann Womack’s schmaltzfest “I Hope You Dance,” even though it was totally overwrought and causing the microphone to pop out. All of you readers who said he’s a lock for the top two at least: I think you might be right on this one.

SAD FACE: The “free Leneshe Young” movement might have to move on to a new cause, as she got cut after singing “Love Song.” No, not the Cure song, but the Sara Bareilles one, which she accompanied with a few robot-like dance moves and a Ne-Yo-angled hat.

SADDER FACE: Meanwhile, the ever-annoying Tatiana Del Toro, and her laugh, live to see another day. Just remember, kids: Cajoling and constantly asking for do-overs and crying and generally being a pain in the ass works!

Tonight: 54 become 36! Will Tatiana live to see another day? If she doesn’t, will her cries break the Idol sound rigs? Tune in to find out!

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  1. walkmasterflex

    the anti-leneshe young conspiracy is complete :’(

  2. Anonymous

    There is absolutely nothing redeeming about Tatiana; I was not impressed with her voice. I don’t want the “OMG What’s she gonna do next” contestant. I want the contestant who actually sings well.

    In defense of “Hey There Delilah”- at least it’s current, and we didn’t have to hear 8 different people sing Stevie Wonder songs.

  3. Nicolars

    @Varina: She’s like the Tonya Harding of this competition.

  4. Anonymous

    @Nicolars: Which means she’ll fail when it counts? I hope she gets Chair-ed tonight. She’s just not worth keeping around.

  5. musicquizking

    There is little doubt that Danny Gokey will win the whole thing.

  6. musicquizking

    Oops, what I meant to say is, Danny Gokey WILL win the whole thing.

  7. Anonymous

    I actually thought a few of the people they saved from the 4 seconds I saw of their singing were LUCKY – like that one dude whose voice kept cracking and the record label chick who forgot a whole VERSE… seriously?

    And I may contemplate tuning out this season if Tatiana makes it past tonight. This will just usher in more crazy annoying sub-par singers in seasons to come. Oy.

  8. Anonymous

    I thought Adam Lambert And Danny Gokey were great and I didn’t see many female singers who were anything other than OK.

  9. Rory B. Bellows

    Free Leneshe Young. Imprison Tatiana Del Toro.

  10. LeBron

    They’re keeping Tatiana around because she’s an antihero in the Sanjaya/Mikalah Gordon vein. As long as people are talking about why in the world the show would keep her, they’re still talking about the show. Any publicity is good publicity, right? (Well, except if you’re Alex Rodriguez) With Joanna Pacitti, if you’ve already had a record contract and will be pushed like Carly Smithson was, you just have to perform better than that.

    My current favorites: that goth kid they never show, Norman Gentle, and I’m somehow warming up to Nathaniel Marshall.

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