The Felicia Barton-Adjusted “Idol” Top 36: Bigmouths Strike Again

Feb 12th, 2009 // 14 Comments

Well, after the early-morning scandal involving Joanna Pacitti sliding out of the competition because of “impropriety,” recapping last night’s episode of American Idol seems a little bit anticlimactic. So all I will say about the “judges’ mansion” episode is that I can’t believe Tatiana and Von Smith are still around. Also, the whole

at the end of the show was kind of gross, and it underscored the producers’ myopia that led them to thinking yet another major-label refugee could credibly make it through the Idol process—namely, that it’s so shocking that people with actual jobs, instead of failed attempts to make it in the business, actually have good voices, that we have to pair them up in a convoluted attempt to get to the heart of America. A list of the top 36, with a few initial impressions of the more memorable ones, after the jump.

Adam Lambert: Well, the Scissor Sisters showed up on Big Love this week, which may improve his chances.
Alex Wagner-Trugman: McLovin’-esque kid who I think won his sing-off because Simon didn’t like his competitor’s song choice, not because of his toothy “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.”
Alexis Grace: Spunky young blonde. Side note: Why do so many of the blondes this season have fuschia extensions? Have Idol‘s sponsors gotten that low-rent?
Allison Iraheta: “Only 16.” And always nervous. Here we go again.
Anne Marie Boskovich: The Kara DioGuardi fangirl who got the makeover during audition day. Kind of a thin voice.
Anoop Desai: Kind of awesome from what I’ve seen so far, although I am sort of lukewarm on him naming himself “Anoop Dogg.”
Arianna Afsar: Was very unimpressed with her atonal, falsetto-filled version of “Put Your Records On.” But she’s 16, too. Sigh.
Brent Keith
Casey Carlson
Danny Gokey: His voice is pretty decent, but the heartstring-plucking story and sorta Seth Rogen-ish looks mean he’s a lock for the top two.
Felicia Barton: Having the best day ever.
Jackie Tohn: The season’s token rock chick—more put-together than Amanda Overmeyer, more sane than Alexis Cohen.
Jasmine Murray: Sort of bland.
Jeanine Vailes
Jesse Langseth: Jonny Lang’s sister.
Jorge Nunez-Mendez: Anyone who can capably pull off Ne-Yo is OK with me.
Ju’Not Joyner: Oversinging the wispiest songs—in this case, “Hey There Delilah”—still works with the judges.
Kai Kalama: A strong audition and a package-ready backstory (his mom is suffering from cancer).
Kendall Beard
Kris Allen
Kristen McNamara: Her voice wasn’t the best but what was up with the judges being super-mean about her clothes?
Lil Rounds
Matt Breitzke
Matt Giraud
Megan Corkrey: Tattooed mom with a husky voice. Very interested in what she’ll do.
Michael Sarver: I’ve been excited about him since he auditioned with Boyz II Men.
Mishavonna Henson: Third time’s a charm (she made it to Hollywood in seasons six and seven, but didn’t get through).
Nathaniel Marshall: So much drama, so much facial hardware. A slightly askew Josiah Leming type who’s notable mostly for crying and singing Ray Boltz.
Nick Mitchell, a.k.a. “Norman Gentle”: Not to be confused with the Nick Mitchell from the MTV/WWE reality show Tough Enough, although his split personality might make you think otherwise.
Ricky Braddy
Scott MacIntyre: Can he break through from being referred to as “the blind guy” with some strong auditions?
Stephen Fowler
Stevie Wright
Tatiana Del Toro: Vote For The Worst’s favorite. Her defensive hackles will probably go way, way, way up on the live episodes, if her post-show blogging is any indication:

so in response to all the judgment as in…I am a drama queen, crazy, fake. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can imagine the kind of hurt people were trying to inflict on me during the taping of hollywood week and how long it went on and how intesne and relentless it was. Seriously that was ten minutes of DAYS HOURS OF PEOPLE HUMILIATING ME AND STABBING ME. Alot of people were ganging up on me…calling me hurtful sick names, speaking ill of me, and overall attempting to ruin my career that I have been working on for 24 years since I have been born. Reminder, most of these people have never performed, nor cared about performing or entertainment before vs this is my life and again I don’t think anyone can Imagine the kind of hurt I have faced in this industry as a woman.I have been trying to break into this industry as an independent artist for over a decade vs people who thought… “Maybe Ill try out for American Idol and sing and whatever who knows!!” Its not…”who knows??” for me… It’s what I live for. I was not raised spoiled, In fact my parents were very hard on me and taught me to fetch for myself.

That’s only like a third of her (since-redacted) response to her portrayal on Hollywood Week.

Taylor Vaifanua: Another member of the teenaged brigade, she got through thanks in part to a sorta-pageanty version of “If I Ain’t Got You.”
Von Smith: Shouldn’t being famous on the Internet also be improper enough to get one kicked out of Idol? Or do I live in a dream world?

Next week, 12 contestants—Casey Carlson, Stephen Fowler, Jackie Tohn, Ricky Braddy, Anne Marie Boskovich, Brent Keith, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, Stevie Wright, Danny Gokey, Tatiana Del Toro, and Anoop Desai—face off in the first semifinalist-elimination round. Basically the top three from each semifinal round will go through to the round of 12, and then three other “wild card” picks who didn’t make it will get ushered through. Get those texting fingers ready!

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  1. brasstax

    I kind of now like that Allison Iraheta girl, who I never paid attention to before last night. She’s got that cracking voice thing. But she’s 16, so she’ll either blow it or get to the top 3.

  2. bcapirigi

    So people won’t vote for Tatiana but then she’ll be the Wild Card choice for no reason whatsoever, in other words?

    When Simon said the thing about Kristin and the other one and how one of them was beautiful and how one had a good voice I seriously had no idea which was supposed to be which. How is Kristin not totally hot, in an American Idol sort of way? Besides Taylor Vaifanua, who has the best hair, she’s my favorite girl, largely because she reminds me of Tara Reid in the Josie and the Pussycats movie.

  3. Rory B. Bellows

    Rooting for:
    Alexis Grace
    Anne Marie Boskovich
    Jasmine Murray
    Ju’Not Joyner
    Matt Breitzke
    Matt Giraud
    Megan Corkrey
    Michael Sarver and
    Stephen Fowler

    Maura — Nathaniel Marshall as Josiah Leming? Leming had some talent. Or are you just saying they are both emotional guys?

  4. brasstax

    Yeah, that whole Kristen/Jenn sing-off and subsequent judging was really weird. Made me crawl in my seat.

  5. Anonymous


    my thoughts on day 4 – day 5 thoughts will be posted later today

  6. TheRunningboard7

    My thoughts? Margie looks fine as a blond and I wish they’d lay off her!

    … it is a rare moment when you get to see a Scissor Sisters and Big Love reference in an Idol post.. I’m on overload.

  7. Anonymous

    I think Kristen is super cute; she reminds me of Anna Faris. The crazy hair extensions aren’t doing her any favors, though. I do hope that she sings something that can really show off her voice, instead of going for The Big Songs, where she has a tendency to get crack-y and reach for notes.

  8. Anonymous

    last night’s episode was infuriating. now, tatiana really does have a shot because of sites like vote for the worst – thank god for tivo so i can fast-forward her god-awful laugh.

    i’m going to make shirts that say “I HEART ANOOP” – my fave so far.

  9. Chris N.

    Her parents taught her to fetch? That just seems cruel.

  10. Nicolars

    I was making fun of Kristin’s clothes before the judges said anything, which left my husband to conclude that even by Cowell standards I am too mean.

  11. Maura Johnston

    @TheRunningboard7: Yeah!

    I don’t like Ana much though, I have to say.

  12. Anonymous

    “I mean, this was a two-hour show, and really, there was time to make it a bit wacky, with mock bits wherein Simon, Kara, Paula and Randy pretend to live the high life: pedicures, pampering, sending butlers on petty errands, flipping out on chambermaids, snacking on caviar, etc.”


  13. Anonymous

    I didn’t realize that Kristin was a finalist on one of the seasons of Nashville Star. I guess the Country thing didn’t work out.

  14. Anonymous


    I think that Ann Marie has a great voice. A lot of people said that she picked the wrong song but I think she picked it because she wanted to come out of her shell. This shows that she is a person that is willing to take risks and become more confident. Remember her audition? She was seen as shy in terms of star persona but now she seems more confident. She also has a genuine personality evident, she is always smiling and cheerful and she seems like a really fun person. She seems like a really humble person! She took the judges advices well on! During the group 1 performance, she almost transformed! Completely different look from her audition. She is also very attractive and this all adds up to a very likeable star persona. Although I’m sure that she can perform even better.
    Her brother Anthony actually added me on FB! He seems like a really nice guy as well and he has been working so hard to try and recruit people to vote for her. He has been commenting everywhere, on FB, joining grouops, spreading news, voting tips, joining pages.
    Unfortunately it didn’t work out but I really think that she deserves to be in the top 12. I feel like she would do really well if she were given another chance.
    I personally think that Anoop Desai, Ricky Braddy and Ann Marie Boskovich are the best picks for the wildcard for group 1 choices.
    I really love Ann Marie and lots of people love her as well! Everyone loves their favourite contestant but there is just something that I really like able Ann Marie. I think that it would be an opportunity missed not to pick her for the wildcard round.

    Ann Marie singing ‘God Bless America’ Now this is something that I would love to see on American Idol!:


    A reminder of her widely talked about audition:


    Hollywood group week:


    I really liked the way she sang in the group song, nice tone!

    In terms of her personality, there have been many affirmations, inclusing the popular one from her ex english teacher:


    “I am so grateful for the incredible amount of support for Ann Marie. Many of you have messaged and asked how I know her…simply, I was her English teacher in high school. I started this FB page as a way for her friends and family to communicate their support having no idea that it would take off the way it did. I am not a professional, nor did Ann Marie ever ask me to start this page for her or ask me to put any information on it. In fact, she didn’t even know I started the page and is still overwhelmed by the response.

    If you have the privilege of knowing Ann Marie, you were a fan long before her involvement with American Idol simply because she is just one of those special people with an amazing heart. There is no publicity machine here-simply a group of people who love her and want her to have an opportunity to bless others through her voice.”

    Some people have been hating saying that she has done previous music…I think every contestant has had something to do with music in the past!

    Please consider Ann Marie! <333
    Petition for Ann Marie to be one of the Wildcard picks: []

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