An Horse Drive Me Crazy With Their Name, Entertain Me With Their Music

Feb 13th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Australia’s An Horse fall into the “music that reminds me of the stuff I was listening to in the mid-’90s” boat that I’ve been gravitating toward lately, with their overall aesthetic residing somewhere between the Velocity Girl and Lush. An Horse started as a side project for Kate Cooper of the Brisbane outfit Iron On, but since the two-piece has already toured the U.S. with Tegan and Sara and Australia with Death Cab for Cutie, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that band’s “extended hiatus” to end. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you can deal with the lyric “Like that good Hole album, I can live through this”; if you can, you should click through, where two other songs from the Not Really Scared EP await you.


“Camp Out”:

An Horse [MySpace]


  1. raihala

    Can I just say that “An Horse” is the WORST BAND NAME?


  2. Psicosis

    They are the first signee of Mom & Pop Records where Sara Quinn is an A&R (and from memory, Quinn is going out with Kate Cooper). They have literally popped out of nowhere down here (they are touring with Kaki King in a couple of weeks), so I’m looking forward to seeing if they are any good live.

  3. galactus5000

    @raihala: No, no you can’t.

    @Psicosis: If Kate still kicks the jams like she did in Iron On, then they will rock your face off your face.

  4. NotPop

    To put the music aside, I wouldn’t say that “An horse” is %100 grammatically incorrect. “An historic” is not considered incorrect by most ‘experts’, it depends on how you proncouce it, or specifically if you drop the ‘H’.

    Just pronounce “An ‘orse” in a cockney accent and it’s suddenly fine. The Australian accent is a derivative of cockney anyway, they probably don’t even think of it as wrong, the dears.

    (to put music back into the conversation, that ‘Hole’ lyric really brings on the cringe)

  5. iamlovebot

    @NotPop: unless you’re a grammarian or copy editor, in which “an historic” is never acceptable and “an horse” makes your skin crawl.

    but i agree: that hole-referencing couplet is cringe-worthy. but an horse – ugh. – kicks the jams something fierce. and the band is touring with kaki king? swoon!

  6. NotPop

    @iamlovebot: I Agree.

    I did read that Bush’s speech writer used ‘an historic’ because Bush would tend to ignored the ‘H’.
    But that fact probably just strengthens the “it’s definitely grammatically false” argument…

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