“American Idol” Producers Still Think Show’s Viewers Are Idiots

Feb 13th, 2009 // 1 Comment

The producers of American Idol hastily booted major-label refugee Joanna Pacitti from its semifinalist pool early yesterday morning, after the final Hollywood Week episode, complete with Pacitti celebrating her victory, had aired on Fox affiliates around the country. Why did the show’s higher-ups wait so long to give Pacitti the hook, given that many of the people making those decisions were, presumably, the same 19 Entertainment employees with whom she enjoyed close relationships? Ryan Seacrest has a theory! Although it’s sort of faulty.

“The producers do the background checks right around [the] Hollywood [round],” Seacrest said. “When they see something that stands out, they have to address it. And they saw something, and there was apparently some sort of a link that, somewhere along the line, could be construed as one that’s close to the competition, and they didn’t want to risk it.”

Of course, as noted Idol watchers (and anyone reading this blog) know, the Hollywood Round is actually all sewn up in November. Sure, Ryan’s 8,434 other jobs might have resulted in him not being 100% up on what month it is right now, but he doesn’t have to lie.

Either way, is Felicia Barton having the best Idol contestant run ever or what? Sure, she may not have been as pimped as Danny Gokey or (ugh) Tatiana, but she probably has more name recognition among non-diehards than even Kara DioGuardi at this point.

Ryan Seacrest Says Show ‘Didn’t Want to Risk’ Joanna Pacitti Staying on ‘American Idol’ [Fox]

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    Well, at least Joanna got some pub for herself along the way.

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