Flight Of The Conchords Take A Spin Through The Past

Sunday night’s installment of the Kiwi-rock comedy Flight Of The Conchords doubled as the premiere of two Michel Gondry-directed music videos, thanks to the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind director getting behind the camera for the episode. Above, the clip for the half-sweet, half-sour “Carol Brown” (which, Vulture notes, borrows a slide-projector motif from one of Gondry’s earlier music-video efforts); after the jump, the ode to dude-filled dance floors “Too Many Dicks,” which somehow has not been mashed up with the Lonely Island’s “Jizz In My Pants” yet despite the two songs sharing a lot of similar DNA. (Uh, no pun intended there.)

Carol Brown [YouTube]
Too Many Dicks [YouTube]

  • silkyjumbo

    actually, jizz in my pants is more like FOTC’s inner city pressure.

    (sorry – i’ve been obsessed with both lonely island & FOTC lately.)

  • silkyjumbo

    actually, jizz in my pants is more like FOTC’s inner city pressure.

    (sorry – I’ve been obsessed with lonely island and FOTC lately.)

    (another apology if this is double posted.)

  • Anonymous

    Bmore’s own Claire Hux was way ahead of FOTC on the problems of dicks and their location on the dance floor.

  • beanmaru

    I love that they got the original Cowboy from the Village People in there!

  • grainy16mm

    The Linear-Edit-Controller and TV-Switcher Guitars just gave me highschool A/V nerd flashbacks like WHOA.

    <3 Gondry. So hard.

  • riffraff

    is it me or does the chorus of ex-girlfirends at 1.40 sound uncannily like a Gnarls Barkley chorus? not that there is anything wrong with that, just wrecking my head so it is

    someone back me up here its uncanny but i cant say the gnarls song off the top of my head, could be surprize.

  • tigerpop

    Was that Dennis Franz at 0:48 of TMD?

  • walkmasterflex

    @sablesma: i was about to post this myself, i’m glad you jumped on it

  • Anonymous

    silkyjumbo: YES, correct – Jizz has far more in common with Inner City Pressure as both are homages to Pet Shop Boys.

    I love Carol Brown, really lovely song (I’ve not seen this episode) – I normally find list songs a cop out, but with the FOCC humor it really in nice. And I think the projector effect is quite beautiful. Like it even more than the White Stripes video.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched Carol Brown 2 more times, I think this is one of their best songs ever. And I almost spit some coffee at “Mona, you told me you were in a coma”. Hahaha.