Brit Awards Happening Now

Feb 18th, 2009 // 2 Comments

The UK’s annual celebration of music, the BRIT Awards, is happening right now—but unfortunately, BBC America is showing Gordon Ramsay’s F Word right now and not a simulcast of the show, so Stateside types interested in keeping up will have to check out one of the many liveblogs set up to handle the occasion. Or just try to follow the endless Twittering about them. Sure, you’ll have to read about Katy Perry being tiresome, but there’s a rumor that Robbie Williams might perform with Take That, which is at least worth hitting “refresh” a couple of times for. [Guardian]

  1. Maura Johnston


    “Pet Shop Boys to close with Lady Gaga and… Brandon Flowers”


  2. allyzay

    i think “unfortunately” is the wrong word in that first sentence, maura!

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