J.D. Fortune Was Apparently Not What INXS Needed

Feb 18th, 2009 // 8 Comments

I’m not entirely sure what the least surprising aspect of this interview with Rock Star: INXS winner J.D. Fortune might be. Is that his time in INXS came to an abrupt and somewhat graceless end? Is it that the Farriss brothers would be willing to fire a guy with an admitted cocaine problem? Or that a top prize on a second rate-reality show ended up being nearly worthless? I’m not sure, but I will say what fact most surprised me: There’s apparently an Entertainment Tonight Canada. [Undercover]

  1. Anonymous

    Second rate? SECOND RATE???

  2. brasstax

    I wonder what Marty’s up to now.

  3. sicksteanein

    The best (worst?) part of ET Canada is that soemtimes they’ll cut from Mary Hart’s leather face to Cheryl Hickey’s youthful looks.

    It’s jarring as hell and makes me love Cheryl all the more.

  4. Anonymous

    Poor JD. He was only BEING. HUMAN. I kill me.

  5. Maura Johnston

    hey look, here’s lukas rossi:

    Holy shit it’s amazing how similar jd and I are .. Television rockstars my ass!! I just watched the etCanada interview and am appauled by how inxs has treated him … Been there done that . He devoted his life to helping a washed up band try and revive themselves by choosing a young talented singer … I must say it is not easy to go from nothing to superstardom in a few months. Press , touring, women, recording with people you barely know it’s all fuckin insane … I also went through substance abuse and almost lost everything.. If not for the amazing fans and my loving wife I would be nolonger. It is very easy to ignore a dove with a wounded wing in a flock of soaring eagles .. But for the flock to accept and nurture the dove and welcome it as an equal is obviously not the case. I wonder if “those people” were ever “dicarded” when they needed love or a shoulder. Wow I’m really pissed. well jd if you are out there I have a place in California and you are always welcome-and that’s an open invite! It always gets better my friend and not all people suck… Much love and respect. LR


  6. Thierry

    @Maura Johnston: I’m not sure I’d call Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee and Jason Newstedt “a flock of soaring eagles”.

    Also, d’you think JD regrets buying a pickup instead of a station wagon or a minivan with that INXS money?

  7. Anonymous

    Marty was singing for the Traci Guns version of L.A. Guns. I think he got injured on stage and had to cancel some dates.

  8. Inxs Fan

    Fortune you are a pathetic weasel. Even your past Canadian friends have told how you steal from them use them lie to them and never like to finish any commitment you sign up for. Inxs band members are idiots to hire you again when there are so many other talented and deserving artists who would love to get a chance to front the band.

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