“American Idol” Almost Makes Us Feel Bad For Tatiana

Feb 19th, 2009 // 22 Comments

Last night, three people made it through to American Idol‘s semifinal round—Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, and Chosen One Of Season Eight Danny Gokey. (Anoop Desai was bested by Sarver by some 20,000 votes; yes, he was robbed, but I’m hoping that narrow margin results in him being a wild-card lock.) The way the show was set up, though, seemed especially cruel to Tatiana Del Toro, who was the last one standing with Gokey at show’s end, despite the worship leader’s path to the semifinals being divined, oh, as soon as Kara DioGuardi screamed about the awesomeness of his mawkish performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” on Tuesday night. I’m guessing the producers were hoping for a good old-fashioned Tatiana meltdown, and guess what? They didn’t get one. (Good for her.) Click through for video.

Part 1, with the requisite “after the break” cliffhanger bit:

Part 2:

Also, is Danny the least gracious winner or what? I’m sure his “woo” was in honor of his Lord And Savior And Memory Of His Wife Who By The Way Passed Away Didn’t You Know, but honestly.

Anyway my personal hope is that Anoop comes back on a wild card berth and crushes them all, because he’s probably the most commercially appealing of the guys who performed on Tuesday. Danny Gokey has an almost Hicksian appeal, i.e., a very old-timey one that will probably break the show all over again should he win.

[video via MJ]

  1. King of Pants

    Tatiana is going to need so many LJ hugs now.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @King of Pants: or beamz. do people still give those?

  3. righteousmaelstrom

    I do hope Anoop makes it back in as a wildcard. He is really good.

    But what the fuck was up with Alexis’ second performance of ‘I Never Loved A Man’? Did she figure that since she was in might as well ululuate all over the last part! What, no scatting?!

  4. Maura Johnston

    @righteousmaelstrom: the lessons of leslie whatever-her-name-was loom large.

  5. Thierry

    @righteousmaelstrom: But Alexis really endeared herself to me yesterday by going straight to Anoop to go hug him instead of congratulating the terrible, terrible Michael Sarver (who looks a lot like that actor who was in Parker Lewis Can’t Loose and the receptionaist in ER and whose name escapes me right now).

    Also, am I the only one who thought Danny was scolding me with that encore of “Hero”?

  6. righteousmaelstrom

    @Thierry: Kubiak? Can’t believe I still remember that show.

    I fastforwarded through Danny Gokey’s song. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I like Danny (didn’t like the song he sang though)– he just seems to be a more likeable douche than say, David Cook.

  7. Maura Johnston

    @righteousmaelstrom: it’s coming out on dvd!

  8. righteousmaelstrom

    @Maura Johnston: I wonder how well it’s aged. I never see it in syndication.

  9. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I still remember the days when “Parker Lewis shirts” were huge at my junior high:


  10. Mike Conklin

    Anoop can sing for sure, and I hope he eventually winds up making it to the Top 12, but I think I’d stop short of calling him the “most commercially appealing.” I just can’t see America voting for an R&B singer who happens to be Indian and dress like a complete nerd. Would like to be wrong, though, if only so I get to hear Randy call him Anoop Dogg for a few more months.

  11. righteousmaelstrom

    @Mike Conklin: When the results for Anoop came in, my wife snarkily commented, “Well, it looks like America just won another battle against the terrorists!”

  12. Nicolars

    Danny did seem pretty graceless and crass when he made it through — even though Tatiana is a total nutjob, he could have at least shook her hand or something instead of shoving her aside to congratulate himself.

  13. LeBron

    You guys are dead-on! This guy is very Kubiak-esque.

    If you watch this again at some point, check out Anoop’s “shut the hell up” face in the back while Carly was telling some inane story. Hilarious! Despite Anoop being a dreaded Tar Heel — I’m a Blue Devil, myself — I like him. I’d tend to think they’re going to put him back in, which is good for all of us. If you track down some of his a capella performances from school, he does some very fun songs.

  14. King of Pants

    @righteousmaelstrom: Please. It was a victory against khakis.

  15. LeBron

    You guys are dead-on, that guy is very Kubiak-esque! Lame. And Danny’s encore performance sucked, believe that.

    Tatiana handled it with class. Good for her, I ended up liking her. I like Anoop too, despite his being a hated Tar Heel — I trend toward royal blue — and his annoyed face was very funny during Carly’s inane story. I have to think they’ll get him back involved, which is good for all of us since I think he’ll actually pick some fun songs based on some videos I saw of his a capella group at school.

  16. Thierry

    @Maura Johnston: You just made my day with that news!

  17. Anonymous

    Anoop got robbed. It was really annoying for them to give it to Sarver. Simon’s long-winded endorsement must have went a long way(even though the show is fixed). I do like Danny and I think he deserved to at least get in the Top 12. Alexis annoys me.

  18. scarletvirtue

    @Maura Johnston: Maura, I think you’ve made my day with that news. :-)

    Now, I’d just like to have Patrick Stump come to my office to read the phone book to me. (Okay, so that’ll never happen … but a girl can dream, right?)

  19. Rory B. Bellows

    Umm…I was out yesterday, but how come no one is talking about Danny’s friend completely pimping his dead wife with that picture. I know they are heavy handed with the backstories at times, but that was over the top even for AI.

  20. kityglitr

    @Rory B. Bellows: Okay, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but hardcore Christian types do that shit a LOT. Ask any rapper.

  21. Anonymous

    IMO Danny is way overrated. He certainly is not ideal for commercial radio and he doesn’t have any originality or artistry.
    On the other hand I would start paying close attention to Matt Giraud. That guy has something special.

    Love his voice, very Gavin De Graw, The Fray, you know pop with soulful edges. Simon likes him a lot.

    I was impressed with his cover of Georgia. Sounded very contemporary. I hope he goes far in the competition. The only problem he has right now is that hasn’t been featured as much as the other top guys, but with a stellar performance that could all change.
    I am rooting for Matt G.

  22. Manola

    @Rory B. Bellows: how come no one is talking about Danny’s friend completely pimping his dead wife with that picture

    The guys at Entertainment Weekly commented heavily on the little photo number:


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