The Brits Take Some Inspiration From The Hood Internet

Feb 19th, 2009 // 9 Comments

The “crazy cross-genre mashup” slot at last night’s Brit Awards went to a blend of the Ting Tingscover of “Rapture” “Shut Up And Let Me Go” and Estelle’s “American Boy” that segued into everyone performing “That’s Not My Name” together; it worked intermittently, but at least allowed the British soulstress to flash a pretty great jacket. But what’s this? Did the Brits’ producers take their inspiration from the mash-up collective The Hood Internet, who posted their own bootleg of the two tracks back in June? The Hood’s version of the blend is embedded after the jump.

I prefer the Hood’s entrant in this horse race, if only because it has more nuance—not to mention more Kanye, and less Ting Tings. But you may disagree!


  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Reminscent of Kylie doing Blue Monday/Can’t Get You Out of My Head at the Brits a few years back. That had been a popular mashup the prior year.

  2. Weezy F Baby

    Katy Perry gets bashed every time she performs on tv, but Estelle somehow gets a pass for this?? She sounds TERRIBLE.

  3. Dan Gibson

    @Weezy F Baby: There are some people who feel like Katy Perry sounds terrible all the time, so that might be the difference.

  4. bcapirigi

    I think Solange said it best:

    Also, wouldn’t it made more sense for Dizzee Rascal to have been in on this one?

  5. bcapirigi

    Also, maybe I’m a dope, but how does the camera quickly pan from Douchy Aviator Ting Ting to Blonde Lady Ting Ting when they don’t appear to be standing anywhere near each other? Or am I just visually overwhelmed?

  6. cookiedough

    The Hood Internet rock. They played at my school about a month ago, and it was awesome and weird and fun hearing rap verses over LCD Soundsystem and Hercules & Love
    Affair and whatnot. Generally a good time.

  7. NotPop

    Oh Lawdy.
    I is well embarrassed to live here now.
    You people have to be careful connecting your computhingys over the pond

  8. bess marvin, girl detective

    estelle sounded terrible? i disagree. love the mashup and this performance is 80 times better than ANYTHING that was on during the Grammys.

  9. ObtuseIntolerant

    @bess marvin, girl detective: Seriously, people need to think more before they go around posting “OMG xxx is/was TERRIBLE” as if it is a fact, methinks. It is nothing but a gut punch to the fans. Blah.

    Though by the way Katy Perry is TERRIBLE.

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