Feb 5th, 2009 // 2 Comments

is reportedly set to star in a spinoff of CBS’ military-themed procedural NCIS, where he’ll reportedly play an ex-Navy SEAL opposite Chris O’Donnell, who’s set to star as a “human Transformer.” (Their words, not mine.) The cruelest part of the report: LL is referred to as a “former rapper.” Sure, people probably remember his tussling with Kenley on Project Runway a lot more readily than they do Exit 13, but still, ouch. [Ausiello Files]

  1. DocStrange

    I take it i’m the only regular contributer who watches this show.

    I also liked the show “NCIS” spun off from, “JAG”, making me that show’s only fan under 50.

  2. encyclopediablack

    Former rapper is accurate. The artist formerly known as LL Cool J, now known as Sir Suck-A-Lot is also applicable.

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