Faith No More Reuniting; Book Your Plane Tickets Now

Kitchen-sink rock outfit Faith No More is reuniting for a summer tour, according to Mike Patton‘s publicist—although the catch, because there has to be one, is that the band will only tour Europe, and that there are absolutely no plans to tour the States. Rumor has it, also, that former guitarist and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey cameo-er Jim Martin won’t be taking part in it, having left the band in 1993. Since Patton has refused to give interviews about the tour the veracity of those statements won’t be proven until someone makes the bright idea to ask Merge Records’ PR department for an interview with Imperial Teen’s Roddy Bottum, who was FNM’s keyboardist until the band split some 11 years ago. A few clips from the band after the jump!

“Falling To Pieces”

“War Pigs” (Live At Brixton)

“Everything’s Ruined”

“Midlife Crisis”

“I Started A Joke”


“Ashes To Ashes”

So yeah, now I’m going to listen to Angel Dust all day.

Faith No More Will Reunite For Summer Tour [The Tripwire]

  • relaxing

    What, no Epic?

  • Maura Johnston

    @relaxing: they have a pretty big back catalog. and ‘falling to pieces’ is way better.

  • Chris N.

    Happy birthday, fucker!

  • Chris N.

    Oh, and you’ll be needing this as well:

  • Chris Molanphy

    @Maura Johnston: OMG, totally agreed on “FtP” vs. “Epic.”

  • revmatty

    While I got into them back when Epic hit, I am more a fan of their later work, so the lack of Jim doesn’t bother me at all. I’m guessing it won’t be Trey either. Possibly Jon? Maybe another guitarist altogether? The original concept behind the band was to have a core group (drums, bass, keys) and have guest singers/guitarists at each show.

  • Ned Raggett

    Wasn’t Dean Menta their guitarist for a while?

  • baconfat

    So Faith No More think that they’re the Velvet Underground now? Interesting.

  • Cam/ron

    I’m still awaiting the Mr. Bungle reunion tour, although my 13-year-old self is screaming and crying over this bit of FNM news.

    I love the “Falling to Pieces” video, made back in the day when random, Dali-esque images were tossed into rock videos and still got away with being cool.

  • TheContrarian

    What’s with all my ’90s bands reuniting? Maybe Tool should get back together, too. Oh, wait.

  • grainy16mm

    Wait, Mike Patton is in, but Jim Martin isn’t? What?

    Also, hoping for a Chuck Mosely cameo somewhere on the tour. Not that I’m going. But I just really really like “Anne’s Song.”

    Also also, STATION!

  • Anonymous

    this is so awesome. i wish i was european.

    you should’ve said RHCP.

  • revmatty

    @Ned Raggett: Ah yes, forgot about Dean.

    @grainy16mm: Patton was in the band way longer than Martin. And was credited on a lot more of the songs as well. And is arguably the most recognizable member of the band.

    I think Mosely was fun, but they have done some of the Mosely era songs live and Patton does a great job on them as well.

    Of course I’m a Patton fanboy, so I may be biased.

    @Cam/ron: That’s pretty much not going to happen. see also: Spruance v Patton.

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    i agree, why jesus lets this go on is concerning

  • dumpsterdivejen

    WHAT HAPPENED??? THEY SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!