The Murder City Devils To Sweat It Out In The Desert

By: Dan Gibson / February 25, 2009

The Coachella tradition of adding acts after the initial lineup announcement continues this year (no accompanying list of cancellations… yet), although I suppose most people were hoping for something a little more thrilling than the Murder City Devils, who will play Sunday. I’m excited to see the band again (even if a sweaty tent mid-day isn’t exactly my preferred venue), since they had a run of albums around the turn of the century that were fun, edgy bursts of organ-fueled garage rock. If the Pacific Northwest is more your style, the band is, according to their Twitter feed, also playing Sasquatch. A selection of clips below the cut.

“Broken Glass”:

“I’ll Come Running”:

“Rum To Whiskey”:

Murder City Devils have been added to Sunday! [Coachella Twitter]
Murder City Devils [Twitter]