Adam Lambert Went To Burning Man

American Idol snarksite Vote For The Worst has unearthed a few pictures of glammed-out finalist Adam Lambert in which the singer is engaging in behavior that will no doubt shock the “Pray For Adam’s Soul” brigade, who apparently want every contestant the show has to be as worship-leader squeaky-clean as the other three men who have made the Top 12 so far. But most interesting to me is that a not-insignificant number of the pictures were taken at the Burning Man festival, that week-long desert trip where there are “no spectators” and even fewer square inches of skin covered by clothing. Does this make Adam the first Idol finalist in history to have camped out in Black Rock City? And how warped is the Idol universe that this news makes me like him even more? It’s kind of like how I enjoyed David Cook’s Popular Songs Re-Imagined As Grunge Anthems antics of last season for the way they provided a respite from the Whitney-and-Mariah’d norm, not realizing that the path would eventually lead him to working with the dudes from Hinder. [VFTW]