Lil Wayne Gets Saved By The Bell

Mar 4th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Lil Wayne‘s video for “Prom Queen” pretty much follows the “Sk8er Boi” template of the lyrics, only with the added “bonuses” of a) the underwear references in the lyrics being made explicit and b) the object of Weezy’s adolescent affections getting knocked up while his albums are going platinum. (As if men didn’t have it easy enough!) There’s also a scene where the prom’s dance floor gets turned into a mosh pit; watching it made me wish that he had at least thought to collaborate with Anthrax on his rock experimentation. Oh well. [OnSmash]

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, Rap-rock, why do you keep coming back????

  2. Anonymous

    My favorite part of this isn’t the video, it’s around 2:21 where Wayne’s low “harmony” part (singing the main chorus-y thing) is so flat that the autotune couldn’t pick up the slack. Not hating on LW, just wondering why the production team didn’t catch it.

  3. R. Morast

    is it just me or does the drummer look just like korn’s jonathan davis?

  4. grainy16mm

    @Thesemodernsocks: Faith No More’s reunion tour.


    (just kiddin’.)

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