There’s Plenty Of Depression For Alt-Country Fans These Days

Mar 6th, 2009 // 3 Comments

After 75 issues, No Depression shut down its print magazine and shifted to a “daily Web site” model in October 2008. However, apparently there’s not quite enough money in Internet publishing to pay writers, etc., so the site is changing again, this time to some sort of blog/social networking/message board combination with contributions from the previous staff. The site hadn’t managed to work out kinks in content and technology since its relaunch, but I assumed that they would eventually figure things out and provide the generally quality coverage that the magazine delivered on, so the shutdown is unfortunate (although not much of a surprise). The upside: If you’re a single Gillian Welch fan seeking same, you have somewhere more narrowly targeted to go. [No Depression]

  1. Anonymous

    the print version has been revived, actually, only it’s a twice-annual publication they’re marketing through book channels and calling a “book-a-zine.”

  2. Anonymous

    oh no where will I go to keep with the news on Wilco?

  3. leevilgenius

    There was so much more to ND than “news on Wilco.” The mag championed not only the country/rock hybrids that made them famous. They also wrote extensively on folk, trad country, blues, and bluegrass. Sure, all the hipsters dismiss these music forms as archaic which is a shame since they serve as the basis for the hipster flavor-of-the-month. I still get about half a dozen music mags every month as I am old school. None adequately replace the niche ND served.

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