Maybe Lil Rounds Should Get In On This Deal

One of Amazon’s $1.99 MP3 store deals today is Motown No. 1′s, Vol. 2, a comp that’s chock-full of actual Motown artists from The Supremes to Eddie Kendricks to (blech) Boyz II Men. Overall, though, it’s a pretty hot set, and certainly worth your just-under-two-dollars. Perhaps American Idol contestant Lil Rounds should pony up the cash for this one, as she named Aretha one of her favorite Motown artists during last night’s American Idol. Sigh.

  • Jeff Reguilon

    Wait a minute– what’s wrong with Boyz II Men?

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Jeff Reguilon: Nothing, really, even though I think they’re pretty cheesy. They just conjure bad images of high school, when singing quartets sprung up all around me who couldn’t sing. 1992-1993: Years of the Whoo Whoo Whoos.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @Jeff Reguilon: I can’t speak for Lucas, but for me, with Boyz, it depends on the song.

    Actually, I’ll defend them here; I kinda love “On Bended Knee.” (It’s got that Jimmy-and-Terry post-Janet lushness.) But if it had been “I’ll Make Love to You,” their biggest hit and arguably their worst, I’d be right there with Lucas on the “blech!” parade.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Chris Molanphy: I agree. Also, “One Sweet Day” has to be one of the least memorable #1′s ever. It’s pretty much five people singing over each other for four minutes.

  • Jeff Reguilon

    I legitimately like a bunch of their songs– especially “Water Runs Dry”– but the cheesiness works for me, too. Seeing four dudes in matching khaki/polo sets singing loverboy jams, which is kind of like running across a crew of overly emotional/amorous GAP employees, somehow adds to the appeal of something like “End of the Road” for me.

  • Brad Nelson

    I occasionally forget how fucking awesome “Water Runs Dry” is. It is fucking awesome. Thank you Babyface.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Brad Nelson: That is pretty good. I forgot about that one.