Maybe Lil Rounds Should Get In On This Deal

Mar 26th, 2009 // 7 Comments

One of Amazon’s $1.99 MP3 store deals today is Motown No. 1′s, Vol. 2, a comp that’s chock-full of actual Motown artists from The Supremes to Eddie Kendricks to (blech) Boyz II Men. Overall, though, it’s a pretty hot set, and certainly worth your just-under-two-dollars. Perhaps American Idol contestant Lil Rounds should pony up the cash for this one, as she named Aretha one of her favorite Motown artists during last night’s American Idol. Sigh.


  1. Jeff Reguilon

    Wait a minute– what’s wrong with Boyz II Men?

  2. Lucas Jensen

    @Jeff Reguilon: Nothing, really, even though I think they’re pretty cheesy. They just conjure bad images of high school, when singing quartets sprung up all around me who couldn’t sing. 1992-1993: Years of the Whoo Whoo Whoos.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    @Jeff Reguilon: I can’t speak for Lucas, but for me, with Boyz, it depends on the song.

    Actually, I’ll defend them here; I kinda love “On Bended Knee.” (It’s got that Jimmy-and-Terry post-Janet lushness.) But if it had been “I’ll Make Love to You,” their biggest hit and arguably their worst, I’d be right there with Lucas on the “blech!” parade.

  4. Lucas Jensen

    @Chris Molanphy: I agree. Also, “One Sweet Day” has to be one of the least memorable #1′s ever. It’s pretty much five people singing over each other for four minutes.

  5. Jeff Reguilon

    I legitimately like a bunch of their songs– especially “Water Runs Dry”– but the cheesiness works for me, too. Seeing four dudes in matching khaki/polo sets singing loverboy jams, which is kind of like running across a crew of overly emotional/amorous GAP employees, somehow adds to the appeal of something like “End of the Road” for me.

  6. Brad Nelson

    I occasionally forget how fucking awesome “Water Runs Dry” is. It is fucking awesome. Thank you Babyface.

  7. Lucas Jensen

    @Brad Nelson: That is pretty good. I forgot about that one.

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