Marilyn Manson Is Continentally Conflicted

Trying to download the first single off Marilyn Manson‘s seventh album, The High End of Low, sends you into a Pan’s Labyrinth of links and e-mails and passcodes and military watchlists, so we’ll give you the spoilers: It sounds like the Antichrist Superstar has caught the same boogie-bug as Papa Trent. In fact “We’re From America” sounds almost exactly like LCD Soundsystem‘s “North American Scum.” (Which sounds like “Homosapien” by Pete Shelley, but whatever.) Though I doubt James Murphy could have come up with “We’re from America, where they let you cum on faces.” Spoo-ooky dancefloor time, kiddos! [Universal]

  • King of Pants

    Oh, Brian Warner of Broward County, Florida, it’s so amusing when you pop your head up and pretend like you’re actually something worth paying attention to.

  • the rich girls are weeping

    Chris, you totally just did some lazy mash-uppers work for them. (Also, thank you for clearing up why “Scum” sounded so familiar. DUH.)

  • Anonymous

    @King of Pants: I’m reminded of this article from The Onion:

    Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People:


  • King of Pants

    @MhS: It’s like laser-accurate.

  • Anonymous

    @King of Pants: and from 8 years ago

  • Cam/ron

    Aw, I miss the days when grotesque makeup and music videos that bastardized German Expressionism were all it took to be a “shock rocker.”

  • itsmejill

    Shocking! I am SHOCKED! And also ROCKED. Cum on faces? SHOCKING!

  • davidm

    Some of the other songs that leaked are better, in my opinion, though not the country leaning one.

  • Dick Laurent is dead.

    Why is it that the better-dressed he is the worse his music gets?

  • Lieutenant 030

    Has he ever had an idea of his own? Aside from being possibly the first person to swipe from both NIN and Alien Sex Fiend at the same time, that is.