Ecstatic Metallica Fan Lives Dream Of Playing Bass With Band

Jason N. of California is going to live his lifelong dream of playing with Metallica when he joins the legendary metal band for their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony performance this weekend. “I’m freakin’ over the moon, man,” says the eager young fan, clearly bursting at the seams.

OK, Jason Newsted played bass with Metallica from 1986 to 2001, the height of their success. And he’s super-duper-POOPER psyched to play again for this one show. His Billboard interview is almost over-the-top in nice-guy stuff.

Going from “Aw, shucks” modesty…

I just planned on going, looking good in my suit, hanging out with my family, going up and getting the award, making a nice speech.

…to indie-rock keep-it-posi diplomacy…

My first question was, ‘How’s Robert with that? How does he feel about that? I don’t want to create any kind of negative anything. I want this all to be proper.’

…to SUPER indie-rock keep-it-WAY-posi diplomacy

I felt strongly they should go as that band and represent Metallica,” Newsted explains, “because they’re strong right now, together. Those four guys in Metallica are out there knocking the shit down, standing tall, able, prowess, chops are in order…There aren’t many times the Hall of Fame can induct a band that’s fully capable like that.

You are supposed to be in the baddest metal band in the world! Why do you have be such a sunny ball of good vibes? When did you join No Age?

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