Mar 3rd, 2009 // 1 Comment

Even the reported bit of the awful Wired article on plastic-guitar games saving the music business that ran this month was wrong: The story’s assertion that Rock Band producer MTV Games is “boycotting” Warner Music Group artists, which author Jeff Howe claimed to have gotten from a source close to the negotiations, is incorrect. While no WMG artists have been included on Rock Band‘s tracklist since Edgar Bronfman had a snitfit about royalties from the game last summer, the situation isn’t a “boycott” as much as it is a “stalemate,” according to Billboard‘s probably-more-reliable sources. [Billboard]

  1. doublewhiskycokenoice

    this is off-topic, but is everyone else like me and goes through phases of what you listen to? like i had a Can phase for a few weeks, then a phase when i only listened to rap, then two weeks when i basically only listened to Lions in the Street and the Rolling Stones, and now i am only listening to Career Suicide and Bullet Treatment. i bought four Talking Heads records three months ago and haven’t gotten around to listening to them b/c i just haven’t been “in the mood.” shit is getting out of hand.

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