The American Idol eagle eyes at Top Idol have been doing a bang-up job of chronicling this season’s slow morph into Praise & Worship Idol, and its proprietor found this bit of prayer for Kris “White Chocolate” Allen, who made it through to the finals last week despite a weaksauce performance of “Man In The Mirror.” His blandly cute looks probably helped him sail through, but don’t underestimate the “hundreds or thousands” of votes from parishoners at the church where he’s a worship leader—or prayers like this one: “Guide him as he makes his song selections and makes decisions about the music arrangements. Help him to make choices that best showcase his talents.” Good to know that even in these times of global crisis, people are still taking time out to ask The Big Guy about the important issues. [Top Idol]

  • Chris Molanphy

    This is an interesting wrinkle in my long-held theory about the demographic shift threatening Idol. I know how the networks and ad buyers feel about old demos, but I’m not sure how they’ll react to the holy-roller demos.

    If they’re young and fervent, that might be good for the show; if they’re fundamentally (ha!) suspicious of secular messages (a stereotype, I’ll admit), that might not work.

    One more question: do very religious people tend to have DVRs? If they conform to my (admittedly biased) stereotype and the answer is mostly “no,” that might be another point in favor of the praise-and-worship crowd.

  • Manola

    Brooke White and of course David Archuleta did extremely well last season. And both are LDS. Talk about holy rollers. The network obviously had no issues with them. Brooke herself confessed that there were songs she would never sing because of her faith.