Apr 25th, 2008 // 2 Comments

021RZ5M60.jpgThe Midi Music Festival, which was scheduled to take place in Beijing next week and had among its international headliners Mando Diao and Hardcore Superstar, has been postponed to at least the autumn–i.e., after the Beijing Olympics, when bad publicity stemming from things like crazy rock and roll festivals might be a little less international-reputation damaging–and may be canceled outright. But don’t worry, ticket-holders: the organizers are now throwing a party on the festival grounds instead. [Guardian]

  1. AL

    Would the whole festival have sounded like this: [www.fortunecity.com] ?

  2. Lucas Jensen

    We were actually going to play that. Pretty big bummer, but the Chinese government canceled the entire holiday, not just the festival. It would be like the US government canceling Memorial Day.

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