Apr 26th, 2008 // 10 Comments

AP080425030766.jpgBecause I seem to be speaking in fours today, here’s a four-pack of things about last night’s Coachella performance by the recently reunited Verve (or is it “the recently reunited The Verve”? Grammarians?): One, they debuted a new song, which sounded very great in the context of the performance; two, as with the Battles show earlier in the day, there were people doing the hippie-noodle dance in my line of vision; three, apparently Erin “Joanie Cunningham” Moran is a big Verve fan, as there was a crowd shot midway through the band’s performance of “Bittersweet Symphony” that I am 99.4% sure had the former Happy Days star as its focal point; and four, the band sounded really great and were probably the day’s most pleasant surprise, with last night’s set pushing me into the “I will buy tickets for its upcoming NYC show” camp if only because I was a little bummed out that they didn’t play “Slide Away.” [Photo: AP]

  1. Ned Raggett

    LA Times claims two new songs but then again some of the wording in that report is a bit…weird. Anyway, great to hear that they are still killing it — the recordings from last fall in the UK were damn promising and I can’t wait for the album now. (And I never thought I’d say that about anything involving Richard Ashcroft ever again.)

  2. Chris Molanphy

    You had it right the first time: “the recently reunited Verve” is clearly preferable.

    (I’ve got a nerve, considering you edit my tortured prose on a weekly basis!)

  3. The Notorious T

    Does The Verve play “Slide Away” at their shows? It is an Oasis song…

  4. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @The Notorious T: Oh, dear.

  5. encyclopediablack

    Last week on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a fighter, Kaleb Stearns, came out to Bittersweet Symphony. As soon as I heard that, I had to root against him. I couldn’t think of worse entrance music. (Maybe some ABBA?) Needless to say, he spent the ENTIRE fight running from his opponent. Seriously…RUNNING. Maybe he didn’t want to get beaten up before Coachella.

  6. Anonymous

    “Slide Away” is one of The Verve’s songs from “A Storm In Heaven”, which came out before “Definitely Maybe” by Oasis. I definitely prefer The Verve’s song.

  7. Kate Richardson

    @encyclopediablack: Don’t speak ill of ABBA.

  8. NeverEnough

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Don’t you know that two bands cannot have the same song title without a significant break in the space/time continuum?

  9. encyclopediablack

    @Kate Richardson: If you’re a professional fighter, not much good/inspiration to hand out a pummeling can come from “Dancing Queen.” That’s all I’m saying.

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