coldplayyyyy.jpgMore than 600,000 people grabbed the free download of Coldplay’s “”Violet Hill” from the band’s Web site yesterday. I’ll be impressed if Coldplay can sustain enough interest in this clattering, echoey mess through next week–when Johnny-come-latelies have to pay for it–to make a consistent chart impression. [NME]

  • bcapirigi

    In the midst of my fit of boredom and over-commenting yesterday I signed up for the download and didn’t get the e-mail for ten freaking hours, by which point I totally got over wanting to care.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Generally, free downloads don’t count toward the U.S. charts. Until they make this available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, etc. its chart performance will remain a mystery, unless its first-week radio airplay is strong enough to make a chart dent all by itself.

  • MikeBrownDelendaEst

    Given that iTunes singles of the week (from significantly lesser known artists) typically manage in the high 400k tracks for the week, 600k for the first day sounds somewhat unimpressive.