“Idol” Working Overtime: Eight-Word Reactions To The Top Eight

Apr 8th, 2009 // 35 Comments

Last night’s American Idol ran so far overtime, thanks to more silly playfighting between the judges during their critiques and the producers inexplicably deciding that the viewing public needed to see lots of video of Matt Giraud portraying an angel when he was a kid. So in honor of the judges’ inability to keep it short, I’m limiting my judgments of this week’s performances to eight words. The rundown after the jump!

1. Anoop Desai: “True Colors.” Absolutely lovely; I might actually buy this version.
2. Matt Giraud: “Part Time Lover.” His performance had a strangely Winehouseian quality, no?
3. Adam Lambert: “Mad World.” Talk about playing (somewhat pitchily) to your fanbase!
4. Allison Iraheta: “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Strong, assured vocal. Points docked for smiling, though.
5. Kris Allen: “All She Wants To Do Is Dance.” If you lose, sing “Don Henley Must Die.”*
6. Scott MacIntyre: “The Search Is Over.” Dude: You seem nice, but Survivor ain’t “punk.”
7. Lil Rounds: “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Utterly boring, but her niche will save her.
8. Danny Gokey: “Stand By Me.” Brought to mind images of pina coladas, rain.

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* DialIdol has Kris in the cellar. Crazy, no?

  1. janine

    I’m becoming fascinated by Lil Rounds inability to read the judges and give them what they want. She’s like Lara Flynn Boyle in Wayne’s World. Perhaps the judges would like a gun rack next week.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    I’d swap Anoop for Allison (not to sound like Kara, but you literally can’t teach the phrasing and vocal technique this girl just produces naturally).

    Otherwise, your ranking is perfect, IMHO.

  3. sicksteanein

    Danny Gokey is awful.

  4. Maura Johnston

    @janine: ahahahahaa

    @Chris Molanphy: no, i think she’s great! but you don’t smile during that song.

  5. allyzay

    ick, maura, matt girard was terrible. as was adam lambert but whatever — i hate the gary jules version of that song, and i’m going to hate the gothbury doughboy moaning the gary jules version while inserting gratuitous rob halford shrieks in it even more.

  6. King of Pants

    Once more, your local Applebee’s comes away from the Idol with….anticipation.

  7. Rory B. Bellows

    Is there a blind and deaf contingent somewhere that is voting overtime for Scott?

  8. Quinacridone

    @janine: it’s like self-sabotage.

  9. righteousmaelstrom

    I think Scott was being facetious with the “punk” remark, although given his song predilections, I can see how that might be misunderstood.

  10. Nicolars

    Even if Scott wasn’t really boring, “The Search is Over” is one of the most obnoxious songs ever written.

  11. Rob Murphy

    Thanks for linking to the Adam vid in your earlier post. Now that I’ve had time to see that — and re-see Allison’s performance — I feel confirmed in my suspicions from last nite.

    Your top four are absolutely the top four, tho I might quiblle a bit on positioning. But who really cares? They *are* the top four.

    And ditto on the bottom four, who were all middlingly maybe-okay-but-not-great-at-all last nite.

    If Allison makes it to the top two, I think I don’t really care if Adam wins. He’ll have a great career on Broadway, because what he does is not so much singing as becoming a singing performer. Allison is a freakin’ *singer*, sorta a mash-up of Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, and P!nk. She’s talented AND marketable, and what Idol has found only twice since it began.

    Team Allison!

  12. Varina

    @janine: I don’t think she CAN give them what they want. I think she has a nice voice, but I don’t think she has any creativity in terms of playing around with a song’s structure or even choosing a song to begin with. She’s a total bust. If they wanted diversity, they could have gone with Leneshe or Jamar or even Fowler, who all showed some creativity.

  13. Nicolars

    @Varina: I still don’t understand why Leneshe got the boot in favor of Lil, Leneshe seemed way more talented.

  14. Rory B. Bellows

    @Nicolars: @Varina: Free Leneshe Young

  15. Rory B. Bellows

    @Rob Murphy: You are only talking about top 4 for last night, correct? I would move Kris into top 4 and move out Anoop if we are talking about potential career. I was super impressed with the way Kris killed “Ain’t No Sunshine” last week. I also give him credit for trying something new with the arrangement this week — even if it didn’t work.

  16. janine

    @Varina: I hear you, but remember last week? After a month straight of having them chant “Mary” or just name random Mary J songs in every critique, she said something along the lines of, “I’ve been really thinking about the judges comments and am trying to choose very carefully, so this week I’m doing … a Celine Dion song.” She’s a lunatic.

  17. Anonymous


    We debated this last night. Cheap Trick’s “The Flame” was also mentioned.

  18. Anonymous

    is it true that they’re not doing “idol gives back” this year?

  19. fabulousrobots

    @Rob Murphy: If Allison is even in the top five, I will vote for her like crazy. I like her more and more each week.
    Last night I spent a few minutes voting for Anoop because I saw he was a bit low on Dial Idol. I love his parents, I love how normal he seems, I love that he sang Cyndi Lauper.
    I don’t care who wins necessarily, but I hate Gokey and Lil Rounds with such a passion that I really want them to lose.

  20. Anonymous

    i found myself wincing a lot last night.

  21. Anonymous

    Gokey should’ve gone with an up-tempo song. The space really accentuated his lack of vocal ability which he more or less has managed to mask.

  22. Anonymous

    eureka moment!

    lambert should sing “dracula’s lament” from forgetting sarah marshall. it’s pretty much exactly the kind of thing he should end up doing: melodramatic rock operas.

    listen to the song here (sorry, don’t know how to link):


  23. Anonymous

    (i guess i do know how to link).

  24. Thierry

    @chim_richalds: Where is Musicals Week when you need it?

  25. Nicolars

    @chim_richalds: Dracula’s Lament would be amazing!

  26. kityglitr

    I’m sick of this. Ever since the season of “Beatbox Hero” Blake, for some reason the Idol judges expect these kids to not just be singers, but songwriters and arrangers too!! Lil should not be knocked for a talent she didn’t know she was supposed to have. The judges drool all over anyone who has the musical knowledge to come up with a different song arrangement, but when the hell else is that going to happen in their future singing careers? Next to never. Kara should know, that’s the songwriter and producer’s job. Not the singer. Damn.

  27. kityglitr

    @Nicolars: Die… die… die… I can’t! :)

  28. pr0FF3ss0r_j3rkwh3at

    the search is over – love was always right before Scott’s eyes….

  29. shuja x

    didn’t adam deserve all the criticism lil rounds got last night? not only was it a pretty rote imitation (plus quirky melisma) it was an imitation of a (rather inferior) cover. i was actually hoping someone would do some synth pop, and this was a complete disappointment.

    i gotta give props to matt for the first time though, just for choosing a decent song, made kris and scott and even allison look bad. seriously, as well as she sang it, that’s just not a song for a teenager to sing.

  30. Maura Johnston


    “Her performance was awful tonight. It seems like she doesn’t know what to do anymore and she just copy cat the original like tonight or does awful every week then gets save by pity votes of America. What the heck is it just me or she gets worse and worse as the week progress. What happen to the Lil we all know? Maybe she is doing this on purpose to get voted off. Please I beg her to just get voted off tomorrow night cause a) your attitude stinks b) you are not that good as you think you are c) you didn’t even say goodbye or nice comments to Megan on the goodbye video for Idol Extra, very rude d) your diva behavior is getting old e) your kids want you back home f) there are better contestants on the show that knows what to do every week that should be there and you should go home already.. g) you lie and don’t take the judges comments at all and just ignore it and does w/e you want next week and then judges repeat the same comments. get it through your thick head, your not that good, be nice, take the judges comments do something about it, change your whole attitude and behavior towards everyone than you might get me liking you again but now I hate you. I can go through the whole alphabet for Lil but I am gonna stop here cause you probably get the point.”

  31. Anonymous

    Damn. Your bias against Gokey reminds me of Sean Hannity. Let it go. He is somewhat corny, but he has a good voice. He’ll probably go into country, so you won’t have to deal with him but every country music awards show season(every 3 months).

  32. allyzay

    @antistar2000: really, not liking an unappeallingly-faced dude with a mediocre voice who is pimping a dead person, repeatedly, makes a person comparable to sean hannity? REALLY?

  33. Maura Johnston

    @antistar2000: it’s not bias if i am up front about saying that i think he sucks. try again.

    (also, what @allyzay said.)

  34. LeBron

    @antistar2000: As possibly the only person on this site who watches Sean Hannity — you know, once in a while — Maura is nothing like Sean Hannity.

    And Danny Gokey is wretched, son. Believe that.

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