Scott MacIntyre’s Search For The “American Idol” Title Is Over

Apr 9th, 2009 // 20 Comments

Last night’s American Idol ended with Scott MacIntyre getting eliminated, even though there was some sort of split between the judges over whether or not they should use the save on him and allow him to stick around for another week. It’s hard to tell if that “debate” was just a bunch of drama manufactured for the show’s way-under-budget running time or more attempts by Paula and Kara to be kind of condescending to him. I mean, he seemed like a nice guy (and funny!), but a George Michael soundalike who prefers to model his performance style on Bruce Hornsby doesn’t exactly scream “contemporary artist.”

Anyway, part of me is glad that the Paula/Kara attempts-to-be-nice will be done until at least the finale. After all, MacIntyre has done things that are much more difficult to handle with a visual impairment than singing and holding one’s own in front of four oversized egos with big mouths. A 2004 profile of him that ran on Arizona State University’s Web site notes that he “swims, hikes and skis—with a sighted guide in front of him—and teaches salsa, swing and ballroom dancing.” And he’s also written his own computer games (oh man, do I hope he crafts one based on his Idol experiences). I like his voice quite a bit, even if his stylings are a bit dated, but there was no way he was going to win this competition.

Farewell, Scott. You showed the world that even in the TMZ era, celebrities can still be completely awkward when they don’t want to be perceived as “mean.”

Next week’s mentor is… Quentin Tarantino? Well, I wonder if this means that someone gets to sing “Across 110th St.” (NOT DANNY.)

My favorite movie of all time.

American Idol [Official site]
Across 110th Street [YouTube]

  1. King of Pants

    Why does Randy Jackson hate the blind.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    @King of Pants: LOL. FTW.

  3. Anonymous

    Just because Scott is gone, doesn’t mean Kara is done attempting to be nice. She will undoubtedly find ways to tell Allison that while her singing is good, her personality is that of a pen salesman. Oh wait, that’s Simon.

  4. King of Pants

    @themonsta23: Can I tell Allison that a 16-year-old girl singing that Bonnie Raitt song comes off like a pageant contestant?

  5. ghostyhead

    @King of Pants: I think you just did.

  6. King of Pants

    @ghostyhead: I have Opinions.

  7. Anonymous

    @King of Pants: speaking of opinions, America would like to know which remaining hopeful should be skullfucked (or “skullcapped,” perhaps) by a Bob’s Big Boy.

  8. King of Pants

    @raycummings: Strangely, Bob’s Big Boy is sort of obsessed with Lil’s booty and doesn’t know what to do about it.

  9. Anonymous


    (skullcaps are forever linked, in my mind, with the singer from Puddle of Mudd and Edge from WWE. i have no idea what a skullcapping would entail, beyond the obvious.)

  10. King of Pants

    @raycummings: Edge!! It is a bit weird for a grown man with long hair to wear a skullcap, isn’t it?

  11. Rob Murphy

    1) I’m not at all shocked that Scott was the one to get the boot this week, but I am shocked that Anoop was within 0.1% of the vote from going instead. Y’all may recall that our Idolator ranked Anoop’s performance as the best of the nite, and I agreed that it was in the undifferentiated top 4.

    2) Word on the love for Jackie Brown, which I’ve always enjoyed more than QT’s other also-excellent films.

    3) Word on the love for “Across 110th Street”.

  12. allyzay

    please, please be kidding about this tarantino thing

  13. Anonymous

    “tarantino week”

  14. Maura Johnston

    @allyzay: not kidding.

  15. Maura Johnston

    @allyzay: on the bright side this could result in the sort of end for danny gokey that’s been long overdue:

  16. Anonymous

    that vid makes me feel like i’m hiiiiiiYYYYiiigh

  17. Anonymous

    Dream on Gokey hater. He’ll be at least top 3.

  18. King of Pants

    @Maura Johnston: That’s what Applebee’s is TALKIN’ ‘BOUT.

  19. janine

    @Maura Johnston: hey now, save for your inevitable Mohegan Sun commercial.

  20. LeBron

    @King of Pants: As the proud owner of an Edge shirt — probably the oldest guy to have one — I’d have to speculate this is easily the first time the “Rated R Superstar” has been mentioned on this fine web site.

    I’ll miss Scott, actually. He had a terrific attitude and wasn’t that terrible a singer.

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