Britney Gets Gassed In Vancouver

Midway through last night’s Vancouver show, Britney Spears disappeared, refusing to come back onstage until the “smoke” cleared. Her official statement:

We want to apologize to all the fans who attended our Vancouver show tonight for the brief pause in Britney’s set. Crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue.

According to the Vancouver Sun‘s timeline, this “brief pause” was over 30 minutes long. Maybe in geological time, that’s brief, but in the middle of expensive-ticket-million-selling-superstar-concert time, “brief” is stretching. And that “smoke” that was the problem? That wasn’t the acrid carcinogenic, addictive kind, but other kind of “kind” kind.

A blogger who was on the scene reports:

Crazy !!

I’m at Britney’s concert in Vancouver and she just walked off the stage… until the smoke clears. Seems as if there are too many concert goers smoking BC bud and she and the dancers cannot perform because of it!

Though the Sun managed to avoid mentioning the wacky weed until the very end of their news story, everyone else seems to agree that it was marijuana smoke that was irritating the singer and/or her crew. After returning for a semi-successful concert and an encore, she wrapped ‘er up with this benediction: “Thanks Vancouver. You were wonderful. Drive safe. Don’t smoke weed! Rock out with your cocks out!” She capped it all off by urging those in the audience engaging in maternal fornication to peace out. When did Britney become such a pottymouth? You can watch this all in the video above.

I have a few questions here. How much weed were these people smoking? Even with “ventilation problems,” that seems like a lot of marijuana would be needed to fill up an auditorium like that! I’m not a pot smoker, and I so I don’t know how “BC Bud” differs from the regular stuff, but does that seem to be an awful lot of smoke to you? And I know that Britney’s been a pop star for a decade now, but when did her fans become a bunch of chiba squeezers? And doesn’t Britney smoke herself? Maybe this is the dark side to marijuana legalization: Your Britney Spears concerts will not be a seamless experience.

The It Lists throws out this theory on Britney’s ganja gaffe (is the New York Post hiring?):

Buzz is that she was afraid the secondhand pot smoke would get on her hair and mess up the random drug tests she has to do to keep custody of her kids. Ouch.

That’s so insane that it just might be true. It’s Occam’s Razor in reverse.

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  • Ned Raggett

    I have a few questions here. How much weed were these people smoking?

    It was Vancouver. Do you really need to know more?

  • Anonymous

    I so want to get high at a Spears concert. Especially now that I know it is not only allowed, but also encouraged, to expose myself whilst doing so.

  • rorywohl

    The funny thing is no one’s mentioned that when Britney walked off stage the “singing” continued. Are we now so used to lip-synching that we don’t even call it out anymore?

  • phaballa

    @rorywohl: Britney has been lip-syncing since she was a Mouse. I will never understand why people are still outraged by this. She’s not trying to pull one over on you. She can’t sing and dance at the same time.

    Otherwise, I’m kind of horrified that smoking is allowed at all. Gross. She’s a smoker, yes, but cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke are VERY different. And she’s not the only one who’s going to be affected by second hand smoke. Crew, security, dancers, sound mixers, lighting techs… these people should not have to be exposed to second hand smoke unnecessarily.

    I went to Britney’s show in Dallas and it was amazing. No, she didin’t sing live. Actually, I take that back–she sang one song live. “Everytime.” People don’t go to Britney shows to hear awesome singing, let’s just be honest. We go to see a SHOW. And Britney puts one on. Considering just a little over a year ago she was committed (twice), tried to hold her own son hostage, and was drugged against her will by a psychopath, I find her progress amazing.

    And I personally would love to rock out with my cock out.

  • mackro

    I’ve never seen a big pop show in Vancouver, but I’ve seen plenty of club shows there, and the weed factor is usually the same as it is for any show in any North American urban city, really. Some guy may light up the occasional joint incognito, pass it around to some friends, and that’s it.

    The only exception was NoMeansNo and Zu in 2006 at the Commodore Ballroom, and even then, it was just a sparse haze that I found far less annoying than, say, two cigarettes total.

  • janine

    Oh come on, does anyone really believe that the smoke in this particular town in an arena was so intense, it pushed her off stage? This tour is closely following the plot to Weekend at Bernie’s.

  • Anonymous

    seems like a lot of marijuana would be needed to fill up an auditorium like that! I’m not a pot smoker, and I so I don’t know how “BC Bud” differs from the regular stuff

    it’s just bud. “bc” bud might be a bit higher-than-average quality-wise, but it’s not magical or anything. i’d bet that you had a couple people near the stage with really stinky stuff. you would have to have everyone in the auditorium smoking for hours to fill it up with no/poor ventilation. sounds like she was just being difficult.

    she’s not the brightest bulb, either, so maybe she was worried about a contact high or something if she’s trying to stay clean.

    i love all these pill-popping junkie celebs that get all self-righteous about weed. “don’t smoke weed” indeed.

  • WebCam Studios Wanted

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