Eminem Turns Bill O’Reilly Into A Feminist Crusader

Apr 9th, 2009 // 4 Comments

But don’t worry: The lover of falafel and “doing it live” is only upset about the “attacks” on Sarah Palin in Slim Shady’s new single and video, saying that “leftists” are being hypocritical for not being outraged that the GOP’s most recent Vice Presidential nominee is being stupidly sexualized in the clip. Perhaps O’Reilly’s outrage would be a bit more believable if it had been on behalf of all the women parodied in the clip? After all, it wasn’t like the Palin impersonator had to be put through a wood chipper… [YouTube; HT MTV]

  1. Anonymous

    It really is beautiful when hypocrites rail against hypocrisy.

    Shoot, Bill. Why don’t the media watchdogs go after Eminem, but go after you? You are the media! He is an entertainer whose shtick is to shock people by being violent, homophobic and mysoginistic. You are a moral crusader with a thing for loofas. Big difference in approach, but equally vile.

    Another difference is that Em isn’t a huge crybaby (only a medium sized one).

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t feed the energy monster, don’t respond to an asshat like Bill O’Reilly… Opps I guess I didn’t listen to my own advice.

  3. Anonymous

    Just think how cheesed he would be if some liberaltypes made a pornography about Ms. Palin. And he missed it.

  4. grainy16mm

    That patronizing leather-jacket comment made me want to punch something.

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